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mini bag trend | born from a need for less

the mini bag trend on fashion bloggers

Our world is chaotic. Returning from a long weekend in Nashville, TN – I was surrounded by miles of traffic, crowded sidewalks, and music city bars packed shoulder to shoulder. The sound of soul searching in the artists’ voices were nearly drowned by a mix of chattering and classes clanging.

busy chaotic lifestyle

After the show, people spilled into the littered streets – not to return home, but to the next audio highlight or corner pub. With them, friends, phones, and a bag full of their life “essentials” were dragged along with them into the endless night. Makeup, chargers, midnight snacks, you name it – people carry it with them. But the truth is, the social stimulation and electric setting is more than enough to consume everyone’s focus. The rest is just stuff. Stop and smell the roses.

chufy wears streetstyle luxury fashion mini bag

IMAGE CRED: @chufy

We don’t need more, we need less. In an experience-first generation, the clutter is only weighing us down. Lighten your load, and listen to the subtle voice of minimalism. Then get back in those doors and do the two-step like you mean it.

It’s the era of less, in an environment of more. Our world is bursting with new doors to explore, people to meet, and experiences to be had. We are over stimulated, and want a taste of everything we can bite down on. So bite it! Run with the world and take in as much as you can consume, living your life to the fullest potential.

carollvalladao fashion blogger wears an orange mini bag trend

IMAGE CRED: @carollvalladao

Mini bags are for minimal needs. With so much less we need to carry with us, and so much more to see, traditional handbags and totes only remind us of the baggage we had refused to let go of. Sure, they have their place in this world. I’ll never loose my tote for the office or the beach. For exploring the world, micro bags are the way to go.

jilljiujiuliu wears a luxury fashion mini bag

IMAGE CRED: @jilljiujiuliu

At the end of the day, what more do we really need that a credit card, ID, some cash and keys? Chapstick. You’re right. Good news, it fits. Start cutting back and you’ll be surprised how much you don’t miss when you’re living a truly luxury, minimalist lifestyle.

sunnyinga wears a red gucci luxury mini bag

IMAGE CRED: @sunnyinga

Not sure how to style the mini bag trend? Consider destinations where you won’t need a lot of stuff. Then, strap your micro bag over one shoulder and wear this wallet on a chain like a crossbody.

Since spotting them in a big way on fall ’19 runways, the mini bag trend has really just started to get its spotlight. Now a proud owner of 3 variant silhouettes, they’ve quickly replaced larger handbags as my go-to essential for a fashion blogger’s life on the go.

day in my dreams luxury fashion blogger wears jaquemus mini bag trend

IMAGE CRED: @dayinmydreams

For destinations that involve a lot of walking, micro bags are also a great shoulder saver at a fraction of the weight. Cocktail nights, dancing, walks through the city, festivals, coffee meetings, groceries and errands are all perfect destinations to lighten up with a mini purse. They also fit great inside your tote as a wallet, so you can have your bulk of items only when you need them.

Less is more in what we carry, and you really can’t get much less that these tiny-tiny, kitten-size bags. Not sure where to start? Jacquemus mini bags are really the leader in luxury fashion driving the trend.

blvckd0pe wears a jaquemus luxury mini bag

IMAGE CRED: @blvckd0pe

For staple items that you’ll use season after season, luxury pieces hold their value and can be a great investment if you incorporate them into a minimal wardrobe featuring only the best of what you’ll wear on rotation. If the experience of loosed burdens is what you’re going for, you can also snag a micro bag steal from fashion brands like Topshop, Mangos, and NastyGal.

If you’re looking for more inspo, the best fashion bloggers in the US and beyond rocking the mini bag trend on their Instagram street style. You can follow hashtags like #microbag and #minibag for outfit ideas.


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