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how to pull off preppy style fall trends in 2020 without looking like a concierge

Stark uniforms energize the desire to rebel and to push limits in a restricted environment. Done in the right way, it’s the sexy alluring look that’s driven many a classic heroine films in our culture. It’s no wonder why we’re all gushing over the school girl and preppy looks for this season. Fall and winter fashion trends in 2020 are all about some preppy style. Before you go all Blair and Serena, here are a few tips to keep your preppy style fresh for 2020.

blair waldorf preppy style

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Preppy style fall trends in 2020

Largely stemming from classic 90’s school girl looks from pleated skirts to plaid everything, 2020 preppy style has just a few subtle updates. After all, preppy may seem classic and straight forward, but there is always an evolution that’s involved for a truly modern take on preppy style. While the look can be tailored with a bit of edge, it can also look too austere if not executed correctly.

sophisticated preppy style

If you want to give the school girl prep look a try, here are a few helpful hints on how to style your outfits without looking to static or getting confused for an airline stewardess or high class concierge.

Don’t overdue the school girl accessories

Sure, you can wear a pleated skirt suit set with knee high socks, a necktie and a headband with curled hair and platform sneakers, but is all of that really necessary? Don’t get me wrong, be as bold as you desire. But unless you’re in the heart of the fashion world or you’re also moonlighting as an editorial style luxury fashion blogger, it might be overkill to layer on every 90’s accessory you can think of.

preppy fall style

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To master preppy style fall trends in 2020, pick your statement. Wear headbands with a button up blouse and pullover for a look that’s preppy but with casual athleisure elements to keep it fresh. Wear a necktie with a blouse and mini for a look that’s tailored, but also office appropriate.

luxury handbag chanel pursepreppy style accessories

Preppy accessories make a big statement by themselves. Wear them separately for a more subtle approach that nods to the 90’s, without making you look like you’re still in middle school dress code.

For this look, I’ve focused on the necktie and quilted bag, paired with a cocktail mini skirt from the edgy luxury brand AS by DF. Their edgy pieces are the perfect compliment to offset traditional preppy pieces. They also have some great blazers, sheath dresses and staple leather pieces that are must-haves for fall style.

dayinmydreams Preppy style fall trends in 2020 with as by df skirtdayinmydreams Preppy style fall trends in 2020 with anne fontaine blouse 04

Invest in a classic essential white blouse

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a necktie or headbands galore, but invest in a few luxury fashion statement pieces that you’ll be able to style with your preppy pieces. An essential white blouse like this Anne Fontaine white blouse is a great place to start. It is the quintessential piece to pull of countless preppy looks this season. This particular piece has puff sleeves that add to that vintage preppy vibe, without dating it so much that it’s no longer versatile.

anne fontaine white blousedayinmydreams Preppy style fall trends in 2020 with anne fontaine blouse 09

It’s the perfect piece to compliment ties, pleated skirts and layered cable knits for a sophisticated take on the schoolgirl preppy trend. It’s also a timeless essential that you’ll be able to cycle through your style year after year.


More outfit ideas for preppy style fall trends in 2020

Looking for more inspo? Check out the fall and winter 2020 trend recap on the fashion blog section, or follow my Pinterest for thousands of preppy style fall outfit ideas.

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