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ear cuffs, pinky rings and glittering gold you’re going to want your hands on

gold ear cuffs by maison miru

There’s something about that glow. That warm, sunlight hue, a smooth shine that catches the light. Gold. It’s fascinated us generation after generation, catching our eyes and inspiring the lavish desire to adorn ourselves in it’s brilliance. Whether you prefer platinum or rose undertones, there’s something about gold that’s truly timeless. And while this precious metal remains the same, the new generation of moguls continue to evolve it’s use and application.

New for this season, jewelry trends return to a more archaic timeline reminiscent of god-like royalty and adornment of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

day in my dreams luxury fashion. blogger wears 24K gold plated jewelry

Plaited hair embellishments, golden ear cuffs, arm bands and pinky rings leave no extremity off limits for an extra layer of shine.

While fall fashion trends loop around timeless basics, jewelry becomes more important as an expression of style to adorn otherwise simple attire. Looking for ways to illuminate your looks? Here are a few of this season’s most fire trends for 2020.

au rate gold pinky rings


aurate gold pinky ring

Gold pinky rings

Leave no phalange uncovered. Simple gold pinky rings are all the rage. With wide bands and minimalist basics heading up the category, these are an essential basic that can subtly elevate every look. The silhouettes are timeless, so invest in some real 14-24K gold or gold plated pinky rings that will withstand hand washes and the test of time.

You can style gold rings with everyday casual denim and tees, or as a sophisticated touch of shine to evening and cocktail wear.

au rate gold rings

IMAGE CRED: aurate

Stacked ear cuffs

This is where you’ll want to go heavy on the metal. Ear cuffs are in, and the more the better. Forget committing to extra piercings. The new ear cuffs for 2020 are pressure bands that can be slipped on to your upper cartilage or stacked all the way up the sides of your ear. Wear them on both sides for an edgy queen-like vibe, or pick on ear to focus on for a more ethereal look. Maison Miru has a huge selection of gold plated ear cuffs both simple and crystal studded designed for some serious drama that’s bound to turn heads.

gold ear cuffs

Ankle bracelets

This 90’s jewelry trend is back with a vengeance. Gold ankle bracelets were important for summer style, and continue to work their way into fall and transitional outfits as a low-key, understated statement of luxury embellishment. Wear them with wide leg slacks or over tights with your preppy feminine outfits. Mejuri has a ton of selections you can choose from that are 14-18K gold plated.

gold ankle bracelet

Statement gold chains

Following the trend of adorned essentials, a statement gold chain is the new must-have jewelry piece of the season. Both gold and silver are in, with the fashion leaders opting for pieces that hit just below the neckline in bulky chain silhouettes.

These style great over white tanks and layered blazers, oversized tees and rebellious style elements.

statement gold chain

Looking to update your gold jewelry essentials? I’ve included some of my favorites for each category in the links above.

Or please feel free to check out my shop, where I’ve curated a few of my top picks for 2020 jewelry trends this season.

statement gold chains

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is sponsored by Nakturnal. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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