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want free cashmere? join #givingjoy to get your free gift from state cashmere, no strings attached

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere

How about “free” for an innovative campaign? I don’t often write about campaigns, but something about the #givingjoy story by State Cashmere just couldn’t go unnoticed. Why? They’re not really promoting anything…

They’re giving their summer collection away. For free. No strings attached.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere campaign

When I first received the details from my friends at State Cashmere, I was sure I was reading something incorrectly, or just not quite understanding. But as it turns out, I headed to their site, shopped their summer collection and was able to redeem a free cashmere tee just for subscribing.

A message from the CEO Has Rone, “As a token of my appreciation, I want to gift you with a garment from my spring/summer collection. This gift is exclusively for you as a genuine thank you for all your support of State Cashmere.

I also want to invite you to take part in our #GivingJoy campaign. This campaign gives an opportunity for your followers to gift someone special with free summer cashmere during these challenging times. On us, no strings attached.”

blogger wears #givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere sweaters

I’ve worked with State Cashmere on a few projects, and have always loved not only the quality and designs of their luxury cashmere essentials, but also their honest and straight forward approach to their store.

To see a company genuinely working to spread joy and not just up their bottom line was refreshing, and absolutely worth talking about. Plus, I want to give you all the gift of joy! I appreciate each one of your support, kind words and encouragement.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere rules and details

So join the fun, it’s free! Here are the deets, and hurry, offer is while supplies last.

How to be a part of the campaign and get your free gift from State Cashmere:

  • Comment with your appreciation to anyone you would like to bless, and tag them on a State Cashmere’s social post.
  • Go to the link in their bio or click here and sign up with your name and email from the pop-up
  • A special code will be sent via email
  • Select a gift from the spring/summer collection and add it to the cart
  • Enter the code at checkout
  • The free gift is on its way! No strings attached!
  • (Shipping fee of $6 may apply for some of the products)… FYI it did not for mine, but regardless the quality is exceptional and it will be the best $6 you spend.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere sustainable fashion

It’s not a scam, it’s real. Enjoy #givingjoy and share with your friends! Curious to learn more? Read my full review on State Cashmere and discover their sustainable approach to luxury fashion essentials.

The women’s collection is going fast so head on over to their site to get yours! Otherwise, grab something from the men’s for your boo or wear it yourself… it’s all genderless fashion these days anyways right? Happy free gifting!

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