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perspective of reality, emotions and fantasy | what is real life a day in our dreams

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I believe that who we are exists somewhere between reality, emotions and fantasy.

There are times our emotions tell us things our mind simply cannot. Who we love. How much pain we can bare. What makes us happy. Fantasy is the next level, and perhaps the most raw essence of self. It tells us who to trust. It gives us that gut feeling that we can neither create or ignore. It is a realm where our creativity and imagination are truly limitless, without the restraints of physics or science. People often dismiss the part of themselves driven by fantasy. But why?

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Why turn away from the only part of yourself in which you have complete control and direction. The place you can be anything you choose.

They say it’s not real. It’s just a dream. But aren’t dreams what drive people to accomplish incredible things? Hasn’t every visionary and leader of every generation first started with nothing more than a dream.

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Believing only in reality is a trap.

You’ll never grow past the things you already know. You will understand the things that have a predictable outcome. You can be smart. You can memorize books and books of highly complex information. But what will you do with it? In reality, you will only expand your mind. And you will never be able to get out of it.

Emotion drives us out of reality.

We may know to love someone isn’t a logical choice. But we do so anyways without regard for reality. Emotion is much more powerful than reality.  It causes us to see a certain truth, but choose to redefine it based on our reactions and how that truth makes us feel.

Emotion is what drives a parent to sacrifice their own life for their child, and to put oneself in danger for the ones they love. It inspires romantic gestures and makes us laugh and cry.


Emotion inspires us to practice empathy, mercy, and grace for those who don’t deserve it. Emotion can also drive fear, so deep within ourselves that it cripples our reaction to the real world around us. Emotion can chain someone to an abusive partner, even when in reality there’s a way out.

We can choose to dismiss emotions in our decision making, overriding them with reality. But we cannot make them go away.

No matter what reality throws at us, no matter how scarred we become, no matter how deep we burry them, emotions are more powerful than our minds, and they will resurface.

Whether your mind allows it, or whether we wait until it comes bubbling up out of our systems, it will return. It will come rushing back, overflowing like a damn that can only hold so much water. For those of you who started believing reality is the only truth, I hope you’ve reconsidered.

In the fantasy, we take what we’ve seen and known, bind it to our emotions, and create an entire universe that’s of our own making. It’s what you dream. It’s what you wish you’d dream.

It can be the utopia you desire to be reality, or a place where your worst fears come to life. Nothing has limits here. For good or for bad, everything is heightened in this dimension where we can see, feel, hear and experience every sense on a deeper level. It runs so deep, there are new senses that don’t exist on any other plain.

We sense things. We know without the knowledge or a feeling of why. We just know.

We feel it. It seeps into our gut with a sinking churning feeling. It often warns us of danger, inspires us to touch someone, look in there eyes and just feel something they’re experiencing. It’s the look you see back, whether best or far away. It is the deepest level of power I have ever felt.


More then logic, more than emotion. The fantasy is real.

So real it can transmit messages of pain and hurt from others miles and miles away. I know this to be true, because I’ve felt it. In a sort of unexplainable way, I’ve known things that were not yet mine to know. How, I cannot begin to imagine. But I know it’s real. Fantasy is the world which we cannot explain, yet part of us always knows it exists. It scares us. It entices us. You can see and feel the connection with people and other creatures though it.

If you can tap into that fantasy, don’t hide from it. You are one of the few that can look past reality and emotion, and experience something not everyone can…

We are taught to drown the fantasy out as a child. We are told it isn’t real. We are told to pursue logic, or some revolutionaries say to follow your heart. But who tells us to nurture the fantasy?

Fantasy can be beautiful. It triggers vivid imagination, twisted story plots, and a way of seeing the world that isn’t possible any other way. It brings the world to life, in colors you have never seen before.

Do you remember being a child? In our mature lives we occasionally reflect on memories, but when is the last time you tried to embody what you actually felt in your youngest years. Can you recall the instincts and intuition you felt so many years ago? That feeling you were told to drown? That feeling that was never acknowledged and nurtured the way your heart and mind were.

The fantasy is just as much a part of our nature as anything else. But so often it’s diluted by reality, emotions, and neglect.

Don’t forget. Never forget. Retrain yourself to see what you’ve already forgotten. Only then can you escape the traps of reality and emotions to join us on the next level of experience. A place where everything is possible. I live a day in my dreams. And this is a call for you to join me, and live in yours.

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  1. I agree. Dreams can come true if we don’t turn them into nightmares. I combat negative emotion by taking a minute to breathe, think and try to create my own reality ;-)

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  2. The article made me cry and the images made me nostalgic of the days before lockdown. Working for dreams is a very important message. Cheers to life! Also if anyone could check out my site and follow me…it would make me day.

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