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gold ear cuffs by maison miru

ear cuffs, pinky rings and glittering gold you’re going to want your hands on

There’s something about that glow. That warm, sunlight hue, a smooth shine that catches the light. Gold. It’s fascinated us generation after generation, catching our eyes and inspiring the lavish desire to adorn ourselves in it’s brilliance. Whether you prefer platinum or rose undertones, there’s something about gold that’s truly timeless. And while this precious metal remains the same, the new generation of moguls continue to evolve it’s use and application. New for this season, jewelry trends return to a more archaic timeline reminiscent of god-like royalty and adornment of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Plaited hair embellishments, golden ear cuffs, arm bands and pinky rings leave no extremity off limits for an extra layer of shine. While fall fashion trends loop around timeless basics, jewelry becomes more important as an expression of style to adorn otherwise simple attire. Looking for ways to illuminate your looks? Here are a few of this season’s most fire trends for 2020. Gold pinky rings Leave no phalange uncovered. Simple gold pinky rings are all the rage. With wide …

shop day in my dreams 24K gold jewelry

real 14K gold rings and fine jewelry brands for your next essentials

The smooth glowing finish, the warm radiant hue, the most iconic symbol of luxury and wealth. Gold. There is just something about it that we become so easily fasciated with. Jewelry trends for 2020 have prodded our lust even more, as gold completely takes over all other metals this season. Gold rings are a timeless, versatile statement of true luxurious style. As such, they are an investment worth making as you continue to wear them year after year, and even pass them down for generations to come. Jewelry is a lifetime investment. However, I’ve found many people don’t know where to buy gold outside of high end jewelry stores and luxury retail chains. If you’re in the market for your next gold essentials that you’ll wear everyday, here is a shortlist of 5 brands of gold rings and fine jewelry I’ve had first-hand experience with, and would highly recommend for your investment buys. These brands use either a high quality vermeil gold plating, or offer an assortment of solid 14K and 18K gold pieces. No …