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ELEMIS the melding of science and nature skincare review

elemis luxury skincare review

Winter’s dry air cracks at the fragile surface of your skin. The search for all-day hydration and protection is a matter of urgency. We have reached that pivotal point in our lives where youthful skin rejuvenation is a must, rather than just an afterthought. Introducing ELEMIS. Their approach is leveraging powerful natural superfoods and ingredients, along with the latest scientific developments for skin-altering care.

Recommended in my most recent luxury basics gift guide, this ELEMIS review will dive into each of the products I’ve personally tested for over 60 days, to provide you the pros, cons, results and benefits of ELEMIS skincare.

elemis luxury skincare website

About ELEMIS skincare

ELEMIS is ranked as the #1 luxury British skincare brand, and is fastly making its way in the US. Their ethos is “pioneering products prescribed for individual skincare and lifestyle needs. Scientifically-proven.” – ELEMIS While that sounds like a strong statement, keep reading this review and you’ll understand why.

ELEMIS creates innovative skincare by blending science with the chemistry of nature. Their team of explorers, scientists and skincare experts dig deep into the earth’s surface and meticulously text formulas and combinations that provide transformative results.

elemis combines beauty science and nature

By avoiding the box of “pure and natural” products, they’re able to leverage the power of both the earth and science. Yes, they do incorporate ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants, but you’ll also find a slew of all natural plant ingredients like Chlorella, Ginko Biloba, Cocoa and more.

ELEMIS skincare products

ELEMIS offers a slew of skincare products ranging from everyday moisturizers to recovery serums, exfoliators and masks, bath and body products and more. You can shop by category, skin concerns, or collections if you’ve already found a strain of their products you love.

Their site is easy to navigate, and they offer afterpay for those looking to break up the cost. Luxury skincare doesn’t have to come at a high price, and preserving your body is one area you don’t want to sacrifice.

For this article, we’ll be reviewing the ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen collection, including the Complex 12 Serum, Eye Treatment Due and Aqua Infusion Mask.


photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | skincare c/o:ELEMIS

About the ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen range

The ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Range is specifically designed to target deep set lines and wrinkles, while restoring luminosity and reliance to your skin’s surface. The entire collection was gifted to me by ELEMIS (with no obligation to post), and I have now been using it on a daily basis for over 60 days. I wanted to wait to write this ELEMIS review until I’ve had the collection long enough to get a real feel and experience of each product.

Specialized algae is an important ingredient of the collection, promoting protection for the appearance of youthful skin. The makeup of each product is also formulated for targeted delivery to activate when and where your skin needs it, maximizing efficiency.

In the collection:

  • Complex 12 Serum
  • Eye Treatment Due
  • Aqua Infusion Mask

elemis Aqua Infusion Mask review

ELEMIS Aqua Infusion Mask review

Let’s start with my absolute favorite product from the collection, the Aqua Infusion Mask. This ULTRA SMART mask is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, “delivering layers of hydration to protect the skin’s moisture barrier.” – ELEMIS

What I loved the most – the mask is actually more like a face cream in texture. In fact, if you’re not careful you might mistake it for your everyday moisturizer. You won’t even notice the mask on the surface of your skin after application (aside from a thick shine).

elemis Aqua Infusion Mask review fashion blogger

ELEMIS recommends to use the mask 3X per week, letting it set 20 minutes at a time.  During my use, I followed the directions, but often let it sit closer to 30 minutes while doing miscellaneous housework like laundry or meal prep.

When you rinse, you’ll feel the difference immediately. In fact, just after rinsing my hands after application, even my hands were soft! After 20 minutes, your face is going to feel incredible. After the first use, I couldn’t keep my hands off my face to feel the new, smooth surface.

If you’re not a big face mask user, this is a must-have. It provides immediate results and you can think of it more like a deep-moisturizer treatment. It was not harsh on my skin, and did not leave redness or irritation as many masks do.

elemis Aqua Infusion Mask creamelemis Aqua Infusion Mask review texture

The long term results, I noticed the smooth skin lasted longer and longer after continued use, and my skin seemed “happy” and moisturized everyday.

Why is it so great? The mask targets signs of aging by delivering a triple level approach to hydration. The first is an instant moister (that one I told you I felt even on my hands). The first level is accomplished with Polynesian Lagoon water and Sodium Hyaluronate. This also creates a secondary film for a long-term barrier against that winter air. The third layer is a delivery system releasing hydrating algae that activates to keep your skin moisturized all day long.

I could honestly rant and rave and create an entire ELEMIS review just on this product alone. At the end of the day what I’m trying to day is, get it. You won’t regret this one.

ELEMIS Eye Treatment Duo

ELEMIS Eye Treatment Duo

Pro-collagen is super trendy in skincare, so I was excited to try this day and night eye treatment duo. The duo comes in beautiful packaging, along with a metal application roller that also aids in the anti-aging treatment.

First, let’s talk about the day treatment. The morning eye balm has a gel-like consistency, and should be applied with the included roller. It is designed to target puffiness, reduce dark circles, and tighten the skin. I’m going to leave my results at the end of this product review, since it’s difficult to say if the day or night cream really did the trick. They come together, so it’s all about combined results.

ELEMIS Eye Treatment Duo review

I will say, apply the day balm lightly. I have the tendency to gob my moisturizer on, hoping for better and faster results. One, you don’t need to do that. Two, the gel-like consistency can leave a residue if you over apply. Use sparingly, and not only will you avoid the residue, your product will stretch longer. For the perfect dose, just lightly touch your applicator in the jar, and roll under your eyes until it’s completely absorbed.

The evening cream is more like a true cream or lotion texture. It’s designed for deep hydration and plumping of the skin for a more youthful look.

ELEMIS Eye Treatment Duo gelELEMIS Eye Treatment Duo texture

The results of the Eye Treatment Duo – I noticed a distinctly younger, brighter glare in the mirror after extended use. While I don’t have many wrinkles (if any) to speak of, preventative care is just as important. The combination resulted in brighter eyes and improved texture (I guess for me that’s reducing fine lines?).

While I’d love to hear more from people that have more severe signs of aging, the combo definitely gave my youthful eyes a more radiant look. If you want to learn more, there are dozens of reviews on their site, with users raving about the results.

ELEMIS Complex 12 Serum

ELEMIS Complex 12 Serum

I’ve never been a big serum user, mostly because I prefer the texture of a cream to a serum. However, I did faithfully use the Complex 12 Serum with my regiment to get the full ELEMIS experience.

The Complex 12 Serum is formulated with Chlorella, Padina Pavonica, and a seaweed dermal complex designed to firm, smooth and rejuvenate.

ELEMIS Complex 12 Serum review

What’s so cool about this, it’s literally loaded with algae and sea ingredients, proven to deliver anti-aging results. Since I was using it alongside the Aqua Infusion Mask, the results are difficult to separate, though I will attribute the extended-use results to a combination of both products (while the mask delivered more immediate results).

Since the mask is a 3X weekly use, the serum was my everyday treatment. I applied a single pump to my skin in the mornings, right after washing my face. It went on smoothly, and felt refreshing with no irritation, even to my sensitive skin.

ELEMIS Complex 12 Serum texture

During dry days, I required a touch of additional moisturizer, so don’t plan to use this as a moisturizer supplement. I have mixed to dry skin, more on the dry side in the winter months. If I had just used my mask, the extra moisturizer wasn’t necessary. On non-mask days, I just applied a generic moisturizer around on my dry areas.

ELEMIS results after a 60 day review

After over 60 days using the above mentioned ELEMIS regiment, my skin felt ultra hydrated. The moister lasted, and I had no need to re-apply moisturizer mid-day. My skin looked brighter, smoother, and yes, younger! Hence, I was inspired to write this ELEMIS review to share my great first-time experience with the brand.

If you buy one product, I 100% stand behind the Aqua Infusion Mask. If it’s time to update your entire regiment, try something new and opt for the perfect blend of nature and science. You can shop the collection with a little bonus at Ulta Beauty Supply as well as directly on their site.

If you decide to give it a try, be sure to let me know your results! I also looped my unboxing videos below, in case you want to have a look back at my first application and hear my first impressions of ELEMIS. May we all stay young forever. Salute.


In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, these boots were gifted from ELEMIS. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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