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MOBS Design sneaker review

mobs design sneaker review

Modern utility and altheisure design, check. Luxury essentials with sporty undertones, check. Footwear designed for a casual lifetyle, check. If you’re a regular blog visitor, you may remember my ode to luxury footwear for the modern nomad from December of last year. If not, prepare to tread the urban jungle on a discovery of globally inspired footwear in this MOBS Design review covering details about the brand, design inspiration, related fashion trends, a bit about the 6 pairs I now own in my own closet, and the latest scoop on their newest collection.

mobs design sneaker style with snakeskin skirtmobs tread maquis sneaker reviewwhite mobs maquis sneaker

Discover the MOBS mentality

Mobility, optimism, beauty and soul – it’s what MOBS stands for, and it’s the gravitational center of the MOBS mentality. MOBS Design is a brand of men’s and women’s luxury sneakers with an architectural design inspired from cityscapes around the world. Made for the restless wanderer and the creative soul, MOBS is more than a brand. They are a movement towards the appreciation of beauty found in all humanity, and the sense of satisfaction one feels when seeing the world through positive lenses. Nostalgia is born from a fond feeling generated from a memory past. MOBS seeks to create new opportunities to feel nostalgia in its creation, as we live to the fullest potential every moment through exploration, happiness, and appreciation of the world around us.

mobs design sneakers

Grounded in these basic principles, MOBS Design footwear is a reflection of that lifestyle, with urban jungle workwear and athleisure trends seen vividly in their collection of unisex silhouettes. A capsule collection of styles that come to life through artisanal detailing and premium craftsmanship, these sneakers have a story to tell, and you’re going to want to hear it.

Intro to the MOBS collection

Perfectly sanctioned in my optimal space of luxury and athleisure style, I was intrigued to have first discovered MOBS last year. My first three pairs consisted of the Tread Moc in Noir, Tread High in Blanc, and Tread Boot in Noir. At that time, the collection was primarily monochrome, with a few neutral color options laced in the mix. These first pairs gave me the opportunity to test out a moc, sneaker and hiker silhouette to better experience the brand in its entirety. If you’re curious about the details on those styles, you can check back on my first MOBS blog post here.

mobs sneaker collection

Earthy premium leathers

This season, I was thrilled to find an intriguing mix of earth tone and metallic styles crafted with premium leather finishes including crackled leather and deep pebbled textures. There’s been a distinct shift of minimal, luxury fashion trends moving from greys to warmer neutrals, and MOBS hit it spot on with the leather selections for their sneakers. You’ll find mocs in dusty nubucks, bordeaux and sequoia reds; sneakers in golden yellow, army green and fresh outdoor shades, and boots in each of those shades and more.

premium leather mobs sneakersluxury fashion streetstyle with mobs sneakers

Luxury details

Working in the women’s fashion footwear business for more than 6 years, there’s a lot about shoes I notice above what initially meets the eyes. Manufacturing quality, materials, fine hardware and finishes all play a part in making a shoe a piece of art. MOBS definitely gets the stamp of luxury, going the extra mile to ensure every aspect of the shoe is exceptional. Crafted with premium leathers not only on the outside design, but also in the lining is a feature you’ll typically only see in high-end shoes, and it goes a long way in making the shoe comfortable even on bare feet. The hardware is heavy duty, and the technical features like the lightweight, flexible soles are not always visible to the untrained eye, but you can rest assured you’ll feel the difference. The sock also has enough padding to keep your feet cushioned as you walk. The MOBS soles are designed with a tire inspiration, which you can see in the tread marks that also support stable traction. They come in assorted tonal shades.

mobs design tire rubber sole sneaker

MOBS Tread Boot review

I have the MOBS Tread Boot in two colors, Noir and the brand new shade of metallic Bronze. The Tread Boot is almost like a crossover between a high top sneaker and a lace-up hiker boot, giving it an outdoor, trendy work-wear utility edge. Fret not about all of those laces. The Tread Boot has a heavy-duty inside zipper, so you can adjust the laces once for a personalized fit, then use the zipper for easy on-and-off. The ankle cuff is padded, making it comfortable to wear with or without socks, and MOBS tire-inspired tread gives the boot great traction outdoors. It’s available in a half dozen different shades, ranging from tonal white to the grunge-metallic shown in this post. The Bronze is unique in its own way, featuring a soft-crackled leather that gives the boot a rich texture and color depth. It is crafted with a genuine leather lining, and a gum-rubber sole that’s on trend with utility workwear details for 2019.

mobs tread boot sneaker reviewmobs tread boot sneaker review in bronzecloseup of mobs tread boot in bronze laces

MOBS Tread Maquis review

MOBS sent over the lovely Tread Maquis in both Noir and Marshmallow (black and white). My two favorite non-colors in the spectrum, these pairs will get a lot of use in my luxury essential wardrobe. Like the Tread Boot, Tread Maquis also features leather lining and MOBS unique tire sole. In addition, Tread Maquis is unique with outdoor hiker lace eyelets and laces, placing this look somewhere between a high-top sneaker and a hiker boot. The evolution of styles merging is another big trend in fall and winter fashion, and MOBS has nailed it with this hybrid style. While Noir is a classic black with a mix of smooth leather and suede finishes, Marshmallow is a lovely off-white with a deep crackle finish, giving it a look all of its own. You can wear them laced all the way up for a more obvious hiker-vibe, or laced halfway to play harder off of the athleisure sneaker trend making this silhouette a win for versatile style.

treat maruis hiker sneaker review in noirathliesure sneaker style with luxury details featuring mobs sneakers and biker shortstread maquis hiker laces and premium leather

Curious about more styles? You can read about the Tread Moc and Tread High in my original MOBS Design review, or check out MOBS women’s shoes for yourself to see the whole collection with additional low-rise sneakers, sock sneakers, loafers, and a killer new hiker that looks like it came straight from the Alpines. If hikeliesure wasn’t a word before, it is now. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest luxury sneaker trends for the new season!

treat maquis in marshmallow tire solegenuine crackle leather mobs tread maquis sneaker reviewcrackle leather tread maquis

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with MOBS. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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