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luxury fashion blog and the importance of minimalism

the beauty of white space | change your life with nothing

A break from the mundane, last week’s adventure was a long-form hike up some treacherous grounds for an editorial shoot for Naked Feet shoes. The brand is a footwear label that specializes in unearthing true comfort through simple, luxury style. The concept for the campaign was unbelievable comfort, so these sacchetto styles were shot unbelievable backdrops – namely the Appalachian mountains. photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | luxury shoes:NAKED FEET SHOES   The journey itself was an adventure – from long gravel roads to a broken down car and a few miles hiking up the wrong direction, we never actually made it to the destination. But a loss? Far from it. Not only were we able to capture a beautiful part of nature and fashion colliding, we were able to enjoy the luxury of taking work outside the office breathing in the fresh summer air.  Scaling sharp rocks in heels and luxury fashion? Sign me up. Not a soul was spotted up in this remote sanctuary, and the silence was a blessing …

luxury experience blogger day in my dreams lounges in casual fashion with white husky dog

today’s experience | rainy but bright

I took another sip of the sparkling water. The sound of the bubbles in the can and icy cold in my hand creates such a refreshing experience. The snaps and pops were just a note higher pitch above the sound of the rain coming through the open French doors. It is Friday afternoon. Our office closes early, and the people all rush to spend an extra couple of hours in the sunshine. Not today. The forecast is rainy all weekend, yet somehow the mood is still bright, like the bright taste of citrus still bubbling in my can. The sheet of melting clouds is so thin the light still puts through. It’s that sort of washed out light, a soft white that feels like purity shining through a dark room. It fills the fallen rain with a drop of glowing white reflecting from the soft sky. There is a soft sort of comfort that comes with rain. Like a song to our soul, it soothes away worries and stress. It calms the mind. It creates …

top 10 minimalist fashion bloggers

top 10 minimalist instagram blogs you should follow

Clean, crisp, inspirational – suddenly you have the urge to purge your wardrobe and reduce your collection to a few luxury fashion pieces hanging neatly in your dream-like wardrobe. The wooden hangers, the shoes aligned neatly on white shelves, a single bar necklace and a few statement blazers… A single tropical leaf graces an all white desk, and monochrome magazines lie neatly stacked in a corner. Here’s a tribute to minimalist fashion bloggers, and the serene, peace and desire they make us feel while scrolling for hours in their feeds. I once tried to convert to a totally minimalist lifestyle, but had a hard time parting with a few of my favorite things. Whether you’ve succeeded in your endeavors or just love sinking yourself visually into their empty spaces, it goes without saying their an inspiration to us all. Looking for some fresh content to feed off of? Here are the top 10 minimalist Instagram blogs you should follow, because I know I could get lost for hours on their accounts. bright white and beige …