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top 10 minimalist fashion bloggers

top 10 minimalist instagram blogs you should follow

Clean, crisp, inspirational – suddenly you have the urge to purge your wardrobe and reduce your collection to a few luxury fashion pieces hanging neatly in your dream-like wardrobe. The wooden hangers, the shoes aligned neatly on white shelves, a single bar necklace and a few statement blazers… A single tropical leaf graces an all white desk, and monochrome magazines lie neatly stacked in a corner. Here’s a tribute to minimalist fashion bloggers, and the serene, peace and desire they make us feel while scrolling for hours in their feeds. I once tried to convert to a totally minimalist lifestyle, but had a hard time parting with a few of my favorite things. Whether you’ve succeeded in your endeavors or just love sinking yourself visually into their empty spaces, it goes without saying their an inspiration to us all. Looking for some fresh content to feed off of? Here are the top 10 minimalist Instagram blogs you should follow, because I know I could get lost for hours on their accounts. bright white and beige …

best of instagram november 2016

best of instagram november 2016

Running parallel with the blog, or sometimes with a mind of it’s own. Want to know the reader’s favorites? Here are the posts you loved the most, with the November highlights of the Instagram blog of day in my dreams. Thank you supporting me in the month’s biggest adventure – touring the islands of St. Thomas and the return home again to greet fall full-faced yet unwilling. Your favorites of the month: travel features, moments at home, and all white and grey fashion. In order from top left to bottom right, in case you missed it – here’s the inside scoop. #1: Your top pick, the warmest welcome home from the Virgin Islands with my favorite dog pal (Naizak). Wearing a cashmere lounge set from Grana, because it was just too soon to embrace the reality that vacation was over and it was time to rejoin the real world. Full story on the blog. Sweetest comment from @theprojectdrama: “Cuteness overload! @dayinmydreams this is by far my favorite photo of the day 😊” #2: Next up, trying to adjust back to the …