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one last romp

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Fall’s chill is setting in. You can feel it even on the sunny days, a ghost hovering between you and those familiar summer rays. But alas, so many ravishing rompers and so little time… so I’ve stretched the season for one last romp of flashing legs and bare shoulders before they’re tucked away ’til next year.

The romper that couldn’t be tucked away just yet – a gift from my babes at Premonition. Remind me I need to write a proper review on them at some point. My closet is literally filled with their pieces, and they’re my first thought when looking for something that’s high fashion, reeks of good design, and yet somehow manages to be perfectly understandable and attainable to a general audience. They’re literally the Mecca for my occasion wear style. I wore a beaded dress from their new collection to WWDMagic (shhh… it’s not out yet) and I can’t tell you how many people inquired on the dress. Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to show you a glimpse of that as well once it’s available for your pleasure.

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premonition designs romper

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | romper c/o:PREMONITION | shoes c/o:SHOES OF PREY | chain and pendant:VINTAGE CHANEL | clutch c/o:MON PURSE

Back on to the conversation of rompers… this piece has pleated ruffle sleeves that cascades along the hemline at the sides. The black stripe adds a sharp contrast against the white design. It’s a great piece for luxury resort wear when worn casual with slides, or great to dress up for a weekend fashionable coffee run. The great news, this off-shoulder style stays in place without having to adjust, so you’ll enjoy the flexibility of comfort and style.

Luxing it up, I’ve paired the romper with a vintage Chanel pendant and chain, and custom-designed shoes from Shoes of Prey with matching gold grommets. The heavy pebbled leather and white tie are all choices you can customize on their site when designing your own pair of shoes. You can learn more about it on my luxury streetstyle fashion blog post. Since the look leans towards dramatic luxury compared to my mostly minimalist fashion pieces, the inspiration is “more is more.” A choker to double over Chanel keeps the look young alongside oversized cross earrings.

premonition luxury streetstyle

Rompers aren’t new to fashion, so ditching the casual cotton basics for something special like this romper from Premonition keeps the look updated and interesting, and strut worthy for statement wear. They also have a great selection of dresses, blazers, and even shoes! If you’re looking for one of my personal recommendations of key discovery brands, be sure to check them out. Cheers to stretching summer!


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