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luxury and lattes

luxury minimal fashion blogger

Because what else could a girl ask for in life? Enjoy the little jewels of happiness in life, it’s mid week and the weekend isn’t far. Here’s wishing you a beautiful one. Sit back, relax. May your days be full of light, your nights full of adventure, and your latte full of caffeine.

minimal luxury fashion

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:iPHONE 6 | minimalist blouse c/o:PREMONITION | boots c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | crossbody bag c/o:STATUS ANXIETY | sunnies c/o:EYE BUY DIRECT | marble notebook c/o:MELO & CO

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  1. QueensandKinks says

    I don’t even drink Lattes, I instead have extremely sophisticated orders at Starbucks like hot chocolate…haha, but this post is so tranquil and calming and has me going “yasss” to drinking lattes and midnight adventures! Also, love the shoes. x 😍😍


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