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knit on knit

Casual girls are confident (or just lazy) one of those – I’ll choose to side with the prior.

Knit everything blew up the runways and ready to wear – in unconventional forms of knit sets and knit dresses, and it’s no wonder. Women want to feel good in what they’re wearing. And not just because they know they’re a babe. Literally. We want to feel good. And there aren’t many things in life that feel as good as thick knits across your skin and nothing else. This knit set is no exception. Lamoda101, you make me want to lounge so hard, because it’s just so soft.

Nothing is as good as life’s simple pleasures, and this year has been an allowance in excess of such guilty luxuries. And why shouldn’t it be. With all life throws at us on a day to day basis, if something simple as cozying down dressed in knits and indulging in whole-milk lattes puts a smile on your face – it’s worth it. And while you’re at it, double that latte order and gift the second, then the moment begins to spread.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | 2pc knit set c/o:LAMODA101 | timepiece c/o:CHARLIZE | hexagon cuff c/o:ASHLEY SUMMER CO | bond ring c/o:ASHLEY SUMMER CO | bound cuff:THPSHOP | stan smiths:ADIDAS | double back marble earings c/o:LUXE BLOGGER | marble laptop skin c/o:CASEAPP




Another of life’s little joys (as you probably already know) for me is found in swapping out my timepieces on the daily from my now more-than-extensive collection. Friends forgive me, but I still don’t use them to tell the time. They’re just. so. pretty.
So pretty happy is basically what I’m trying to say. Haven’t tried knits yet? I definitely recommend giving them a try. Just posted this look in a black knit dress set a few posts back. So versatile and luxurious, and oh yeah – you don’t have to worry about matching your clothes when you’re too lazy confident to sort through your closet in the morning. Later babes.


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