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Good morning and happy Saturday. Just a quicky post of today’s morning ritual. VA has been blessed with 70’s and sunny this nearly holiday weekend. And despite the weather, Christmas has come early! Spending the quiet hours of the morning sorting through goodies, setting up the TV’s new sound system,  and listening to Elvis’ Christmas CD… who else but #theking photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | pj set c/o:ADORE ME | natural skincare c/o:NUDE | chain bracelet c/o:FOXY ORIGINALS | geo ring c/o:FOXY ORIGINALS | bralette c/o:ADORE ME And speaking of early Christmas, so excited for this gift set from NUDE. True story: I was cleaning out my sample drawer. You know, the one stocked courtesy of Sephora… holding tiny viles of perfumes you’ll never wear and cremes for every inch of your body possibly imaginable. Amongst those, stood out a completely empty purple vile of cleansing oil. I had kept it intending to order the full size, but apparently it had gotten lost along the way. And yes you’ve guessed correctly, it was from NUDE! Love them because their formulas are all-natural, and …

sport white

Sitting and contemplating today’s topic of conversation. Somehow my mind isn’t pulling any specific thoughts together, which I think just might be a good thing. Not that I’m condoning mindless leisure, but really – we all need a mental break sometimes.  And honestly, it feels absolutely lovely. There is something beautiful in the quiet stillness of this moment. As if the entire world has gone blank… in a new, fresh sort of way. Apparently correlating fashion into my demeanor with a similar blank canvas. Discovered CYEOMS as a great source of unisex basics, and dressed this shirtdress understated with milky white essentials. The cotton is super soft, and I like having the option of wearing it as either a dress or shirt. Did someone just say beach cover up? #ohthepossibilities. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | shirtdress c/o:CYEOMS | backpack:FOREVER21 | timepiece c/o:FJORD | iphone case c/o:FELONY | marble earings c/o::ROCKSBOX (use my code: dayinmydreamsxoxo for a free month of jewelry!) | sneakers:NIKE AIRMAX Rockin my euro style with a normcore kick. Gotta love a solid pair of sneakers. I’ve had these Nike …

white out instagram moment

Enjoying a bit of unseasonably warm weather in VA… and couldn’t resist a quicky of the #ootd. It’s been a crazy week as usually getting ready for shoe show season, and I have two more looks in the queue waiting for verbiage. So in the interim, stay posted with the all-mighty Instagram and it’s mastering of my on-the-spot capturing of moments! These were taken just a few hours ago, welcome to the nitty gritty inside of the corners of my life haha. Instagram: photography:KUNDAN KUMAR  | camera:iPHONE6 | overcoat:FOREVER21 | pleat skirt:ZARA | shoes:NICOLE

cold beach hot coffee

Just returned from the most lovely trip to VA beach which I visited for a shoot (more on that later in the year) Spent the extra down time on the beach of course. First day was a balmy mid-70’s type day – perfect for strolling along the sea. The second day (which these photos are from) was FREEZING. Nastygal fleece and Starbucks came to the rescue, so sorry you’re going to see this jacket twice. I believe in packing light. However, I couldn’t resist being that tourist that regardless of the season, had to jet to the beach at 7:00am to catch the sunrise – even through the shivers. Bonus of a cold beach is that we had it all to ourselves! It actually made for quite a charming morning. Though my photographer may have disagreed… Wearing a new shop for the first time called BlackFive. I was apprehensive to order due to mixed reviews online, however the entire lot I purchased from them (and I did purchase a lot) were fantastic! Good quality for …

apparently jogging

Happy Friday followers. I don’t know about you but I was ready to make a dash out of the office no sooner than I had arrived. And apparently this ootd is just perfect to do so. I got asked twice at work if I was on my way out for a quick run. Which means I take sports influence way too seriously, or maybe it just really hasn’t caught on in this tiny town in Virginia yet. Either way, jog or not (let’s be honest, I prefer not) I’m feeling pretty content and ready to take on the weekend in my Nike track jacket and Dimmi trainers. – Sooner rather than later. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | dress:SILENCE+NOISE | track jacket:NIKE | sneakers:DIMMI


refreshed by kristina-petrick featuring leather handbags MANGO long sleeve shirt, $57 / Vince pink harem pants / Leather handbag / Jurlique face care / Voss Artesian Water (Flat) Glass Bottle From Norway (3 Pack) Large 800… / JOGGER, BLACK GRID (DIMMI)