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don’t blame it on me

With an overwhelming task list the past several weeks, I finally claimed a weekend for my own. Hello 11:00am in bed with coffee, poolside afternoons, carb-filled gluttony, day parties, and late nights. If only life was always filled with such pleasures. Mindset still on staycation, currently debating laundry or blogging… I guess you can see which won ;)

We’ve been getting a taste of the tropics in the southeast with temperatures reaching the mid 90’s, and torrents of rain each evening. As if the sky is trying to quench the earth of the sun’s evil glare.

Time has taught me breathable and loose trumps skimpy and tight to beat the heat. A chambray from The Mint Julep Boutique was my comfy go-to for surviving the scorch. Don’t mind the drops of sweat pouring glistening in the close-ups. In the mood for shopping? (online of course, to avoid the heat)… check the insta for a chance to with a $25 giftcard here.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | chambray c/o:THE MINT JULEP BOUTIQUE | boots:NICOLE | timepiece c/o:FJORD | nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE

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  1. You look absolutely stunning Kristina! Your writing and photography really go in tandem with one another — crisp, clear, and very on point! I agree when the weather heats up I prefer more lose clothing than tight, and an oversized chambray shirt sounds like the way to go! Glad you had some time off from work lately, and yes a staycation sounds good! That’s got me thinking I need to plan one too :) xo~ Lena

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  2. Beautiful images, outfit and of course, subject matter. A pleasure to read as always.
    I took your advice and resumed a semi-normal blogging schedule. I’m going to try my best to post when I can! xx

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    • yay! so happy to hear. It’s definitely more of a time sucker than people realize – but so worth it in the end. I do enjoy your posts. You’re a natural writer and I think someone that everyone can relate to. So we need you! =) will be stalking all of your new posts ;) have a great week!


      • I definitely agree with you there. Sure it is not too long to each part, but collating it all and producing a final product is indeed time consuming. Thank you so much for your kind words as always darling! Big kisses xx


      • Hi Kristina! It has been paradise so far:). I took a 4th of July week off:). So no time for the house, today, I’m working on painting interior of my kitchen. Enjoy the heat:).


    • you are gorgeous you can pull of anything you put on! thanks so much Sandra, and of course – thank you so much for sharing! i’m a big fan of your blog and lifestyle – we share so much in common =) hope you have an incredible week ahead


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