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best of instagram november 2016

best of instagram november 2016

Running parallel with the blog, or sometimes with a mind of it’s own. Want to know the reader’s favorites? Here are the posts you loved the most, with the November highlights of the Instagram blog of day in my dreams. Thank you supporting me in the month’s biggest adventure – touring the islands of St. Thomas and the return home again to greet fall full-faced yet unwilling. Your favorites of the month: travel features, moments at home, and all white and grey fashion. In order from top left to bottom right, in case you missed it – here’s the inside scoop. #1: Your top pick, the warmest welcome home from the Virgin Islands with my favorite dog pal (Naizak). Wearing a cashmere lounge set from Grana, because it was just too soon to embrace the reality that vacation was over and it was time to rejoin the real world. Full story on the blog. Sweetest comment from @theprojectdrama: “Cuteness overload! @dayinmydreams this is by far my favorite photo of the day 😊” #2: Next up, trying to adjust back to the …

don’t blame it on me

With an overwhelming task list the past several weeks, I finally claimed a weekend for my own. Hello 11:00am in bed with coffee, poolside afternoons, carb-filled gluttony, day parties, and late nights. If only life was always filled with such pleasures. Mindset still on staycation, currently debating laundry or blogging… I guess you can see which won ;) We’ve been getting a taste of the tropics in the southeast with temperatures reaching the mid 90’s, and torrents of rain each evening. As if the sky is trying to quench the earth of the sun’s evil glare. Time has taught me breathable and loose trumps skimpy and tight to beat the heat. A chambray from The Mint Julep Boutique was my comfy go-to for surviving the scorch. Don’t mind the drops of sweat pouring glistening in the close-ups. In the mood for shopping? (online of course, to avoid the heat)… check the insta for a chance to with a $25 giftcard here. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | chambray c/o:THE MINT JULEP BOUTIQUE | boots:NICOLE | timepiece c/o:FJORD | nail …

bloggers bend both knees

Had a funny, brief IG conversation with a friend Samuel from Style Over Substances about the awkward things bloggers do to get just the right shots. Things that non-bloggers (and bloggers alike) would probably be on the floor cracking up about it if they were to have any clue, or (God forbid) witness any one of these travesties. One of mine that started the convo – balancing my iPhone on a coffee table, and sprinting to my couch (…. several times… like, literally 20 times. ok 30…) to get a seemingly relaxed living room shot when I was home by myself. Another one – the fake walk. Don’t lie to me, I know you’ve done it too. And one of those even stranger components I’ve noticed about said fake walk… bending both knees makes it somehow look more natural…. even though I’m pretty sure no one bends both knees so far down in a regular stride. So please tell me because I’m dying to know – what are the most peculiar things you’ve found yourself …

white out instagram moment

Enjoying a bit of unseasonably warm weather in VA… and couldn’t resist a quicky of the #ootd. It’s been a crazy week as usually getting ready for shoe show season, and I have two more looks in the queue waiting for verbiage. So in the interim, stay posted with the all-mighty Instagram and it’s mastering of my on-the-spot capturing of moments! These were taken just a few hours ago, welcome to the nitty gritty inside of the corners of my life haha. Instagram: photography:KUNDAN KUMAR  | camera:iPHONE6 | overcoat:FOREVER21 | pleat skirt:ZARA | shoes:NICOLE