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a new york minute

Just returned from the city for possibly the best New York Shoe Show yet. Now that I’ve laid eyes on our Spring 2016 samples, I await with bated breath to show them to the world. Makes it feel as if this summer has already come and gone. Life has been bursting forward at an unbelievable rate. They say it gets faster as time goes on… I really hope they’re lying…

If you’re constantly on the go (or just killing your phone battery with your Instagram obsession) this little gem from Lepow may just save your day. After all, you’ll want it to last for every New York minute.

With the rush of preparing last minute projects for the trip, packing came down to pretty much throwing everything in a bag and hoping basic needs would be covered. My new travel buddy came in handy several times. Meet Poki. A sleek tech piece from Lepow that packs enough punch for a couple extra phone charges between stops. I vow to never leave my home without it.


photography:YOURS TRULY | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | portable charger c/o:LEPOW | customized makeup bag c/o:SNAPMADE | jeans:7 FOR ALL MANKIND | boots:OTBT | cuffs:THPSHOP


Like my makeup bag? Yeah… I designed it… all by myself. #biggirl The other side looks like marble… jelly? Had some fun with Snapmade last week playing with some of my own inspirations. Anyone else love design-it-yourself items? More on them soon. If you can’t wait… check them out here SNAPMADE


Highlights of the week… 7 For All Mankind featured one of my looks from FFaNY HERE! Gushing over their coverphoto… Also watching this guy show me how to sketch our new spring line. Maurizio is one of our talented shoe designers, and I am always elated when we get a few moments to just sit together and play.


  1. NY, one of my favorite cities to visit. Hope you had a great time there. That’s a super cute pair of white jeans. I’ve been on a hunt for a cute one forever. It’s so cool 7 For All Mankind featured one of your looks. Congrats!

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