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blogger day in my dreams wears a cotton dress from grana

three ways to wear cotton dresses with Grana

So in my last blog post, we talked about the little white dress creeping up on the trend board with the classic lbd. But to be fair, the conclusion was less than decisive, and black continues to dominate my wardrobe with white being a close runner up. In this episode, we’ll pay tribute to that classic thing that we all love and adore, the little black dress: the cotton edition with Grana. From ultra comfy-casual to a night out on the town, here are three ways to style that oh-so-comfy lineup of black cotton dresses in your wardrobe. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | black cotton dresses c/o:GRANA Style number one: super casual in a black cotton maxi dress Nothing says relaxed summer afternoon like a black cotton maxi dress. They’re classic, comfortable and chic, and perfect for a variety of activities. This dress by Grana is beautifully fitted and has a side slit and slight racerfront design for a casual-sexy twist. For this first look, you can easily achieve a super-casual summer style. …

2 ways to wear joggers

2 ways to wear joggers

Athleisure continues it’s dominance in mainstream fashion. And it’s no wonder. With active lifestyles on the go, we had been screaming for this one for years, “please, give us a fashion trend that’s cute and versatile.” Cramming in a full day’s work, errands, a few precious moments at the gym, and let’s not forget happy hour… no one has time to change a dozen times for each activity on the planner. Athliesure is sport activewear that transitions into day wear. So what’s the difference between your gym clothes and something appropriate to wear for a $7 beer and app combo with the girls? Consider your accessories, materials and overall presentation. To pull off the athleisure look flawlessly, opt for swapping your trainers for slides, or do the opposite and keep your trainers on with your suiting. The idea is to mix it up, keep it fresh, and don’t try too hard to follow the rules. One of the most comfortable elements of the trend: joggers. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | wool joggers …

minimalist cashmere turtleneck

can you say cashmere

Soft, simple, and luxurious. Those pieces you run your fingers over in the store just to feel a couple moments of the texture grazing your skin. The sweaters you pull over your hands just to feel a couple more inches of comfort. That extra layer in your gloves that keeps all the little pinkies cozy against winter’s wind. That sweater that you’ll be living in for the next 6 months before spring returns. That gift you can just keep giving, because no one can ever have enough. You know what I’m talking about. Cashmere. And with the holiday season fastly approaching, it’s something that’s been on my mind, so I’ve partnered with Grana to tell you a story – the story of cashmere. And not just any cashmere, Mongolian cashmere, sourced from inner Mongolia where it is carefully combed, scored and spun for the softest knits that we all yearn for this time of year. If you’re preparing yourself for the winter weather, checking off your Christmas list, or just curious to know how cashmere …