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can you say cashmere

minimalist cashmere turtleneck

Soft, simple, and luxurious. Those pieces you run your fingers over in the store just to feel a couple moments of the texture grazing your skin. The sweaters you pull over your hands just to feel a couple more inches of comfort. That extra layer in your gloves that keeps all the little pinkies cozy against winter’s wind. That sweater that you’ll be living in for the next 6 months before spring returns. That gift you can just keep giving, because no one can ever have enough. You know what I’m talking about. Cashmere.

And with the holiday season fastly approaching, it’s something that’s been on my mind, so I’ve partnered with Grana to tell you a story – the story of cashmere. And not just any cashmere, Mongolian cashmere, sourced from inner Mongolia where it is carefully combed, scored and spun for the softest knits that we all yearn for this time of year. If you’re preparing yourself for the winter weather, checking off your Christmas list, or just curious to know how cashmere is made, grab a cup of coffee, and let the story begin.

grana cashmere turtleneckgrana cashmere

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | cashmere turtleneck c/o:GRANA | cashmere crop sweater c/o:GRANA | cashmere joggers c/o:GRANA | cashmere cardigan c/o:GRANA | black silk cami c/o:GRANA | crossbody bag c/o:MEZZANOTTE

Imagine yourself in a vast, beautifully barren landscape. Studded with jagged rocks and endless hills with open space and sky as far as the eye can see.

It may seem enchantingly welcoming from first impressions, but looks can be deceiving, and the locals know the land holds a secret that makes it hard to survive. Harsh and unforgiving, the land freezes at -40°C when winter sweeps across the plains, and scorches at +40°C as the earth continues to spin through its seasons. Welcome to Mongolia, where only the strong survive, and nature is forced to adapt to its relentless polar swings.

There, in the clearing is a heard of ivory goats contrasting their terrain, seemingly unaffected by nature’s harsh reality. To keep warm, they have not only grown a coat of long hairs, but also an undercoat of plush downy fleece to keep them cozy against the bitter cold… cashmere.

cashmere cardigancashmere cardigan and joggers

And no, don’t worry. The farmers don’t strip the poor things of their winter coat and leave them to bear their own in the cold. In fact, they’re not sheared at all. When spring shows itself, the goat farmers carefully comb out each goat, releasing them of the heavy layer in time to avoid the unbearable heat that follows. From there, the wool begins a meticulous journey of combing, scouring and spinning before it is transformed into the fine yarn from which Grana knits are made. From there, the yarn is woven and stitched into simple basics, bringing the culture of Mongolia and the comfort of its local resources right into the welcoming palm of your hand.

cashmere sweatsuitwhite husky

cashmere loungewear

And in case you are wondering, no – it’s not itchy. Mongolian cashmere is amongst the softest you’ll find. I have now 4 pieces of cozy cashmere luxuries from Grana, and they’ve been traveling with me across the states in every recent journey. In fact, I love them so much, I’ve since purchased some pieces for my mom because they were too good not to share – which is why I couldn’t resist sharing them with you as well.

grana mongolian cashmere crop sweater

fashion blogger

It’s no new news that fashion bloggers are bombarded with fresh pieces almost on the daily, so when something is good enough to stay on repeat, that’s saying something. This cardigan has now been worn at least a couple dozen times… you can check out another way I’ve styled it here with their silk pieces.

Want some too? Grana practices transparent retail, so you can see exactly what you’re getting for the price, without the markups of the middle man. And just for Thanksgiving, they’re marking their prices down to cost – with no profits for themselves just to let more people have a try. If you haven’t checked off your Christmas list yet, you’re welcome. Hope you and all the lucky peeps on your list enjoy them as much as I do. Happy holidays!

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  1. You’re always teaching me something new! I don’t think the weather here ever calls for cashmere, but you make me want to wear one! Hehe. And your doggie makes me ridiculously happy. So adorable! Love how you styled the cashmere separates <3 xo

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

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