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2 ways to wear joggers

2 ways to wear joggers

2 ways to wear joggers

Athleisure continues it’s dominance in mainstream fashion. And it’s no wonder. With active lifestyles on the go, we had been screaming for this one for years, “please, give us a fashion trend that’s cute and versatile.” Cramming in a full day’s work, errands, a few precious moments at the gym, and let’s not forget happy hour… no one has time to change a dozen times for each activity on the planner. Athliesure is sport activewear that transitions into day wear. So what’s the difference between your gym clothes and something appropriate to wear for a $7 beer and app combo with the girls? Consider your accessories, materials and overall presentation. To pull off the athleisure look flawlessly, opt for swapping your trainers for slides, or do the opposite and keep your trainers on with your suiting. The idea is to mix it up, keep it fresh, and don’t try too hard to follow the rules. One of the most comfortable elements of the trend: joggers.

grana athleisure fashionwool jogger fashion

photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | wool joggers c/o:GRANA | button down c/o:GRANA | silk blazer c/o:GRANA | masculine loafers c/o:BARED FOOTWEAR | tote c/o:ESEMBLE

Joggers are a loose fitting pant with elastic cuffs at the waist and ankles. Traditionally worn as gym clothes or PJs, athleisure opened the doors for us to wear joggers in the day, and let’s just say we’re happy to take full advantage. But in case you’re new to the trend, joggers can be a bit tricky to pair without looking too casual or bulky. Want to incorporate joggers into your spring and summer fashion? Here are a few tips and 2 ways you can wear joggers in your everyday wear.

grana jogger fashion

The first look: darkly suited. If you work in an office setting and need to present yourself in business casual, wearing joggers in place of your dress pants might be your new favorite jam. Joggers with a business jacket say, “I’m a professional, but not trying too hard,” (in a good way). This is a wool pair from Grana. The fine wool material makes it dressy enough for office wear, and bonus note: it’s not itchy!

Finally – lightweight wool that’s easy on the skin.

In order to balance the sporty nature of joggers, pair them with some traditional dress wear. In this case, a casual button-down and silk blazer do the trick, instantly evolving athletic fashion into a comfy work casual combo. Playing on another of the season, the look is finished with man-tailored loafers and a statement bag for a masculine take on feminine wear.

tailored loafers

Tips for pulling it off: tuck your shirt in. Athleisure walks a fine line of undone, and untucked shirts don’t help. Keep your clothes neat and pressed (see reason above).

silk jogger coordi

photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk joggers c/o:GRANA | silk crop c/o:GRANA | minimalist slides c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | gold jewelry c/o:MAKKO | athliesure bag c/o:NAME

Second look, going light with Grana silk joggers. They’re a long-time favorite of mine for silk essentials, and this ootd is no exception. For a casual athleisure jogger look, try lightweight materials and matching coordinates. A crop is a great match for joggers, highlighting your waistline so it doesn’t get lost in the elastic. Simple slides make the look effortless chic. This jogger look is great for weekend errands or unwind time. This silk crop is a fav! The back detail has open slots for a bit of air and a lot of style.

Bonus: these silk joggers have pockets.

Your welcome. Casual, comfy or even office wear, they’re my go-to when skinnies just aren’t an option. Hope these two ways to wear joggers inspire you to give them a try and join the league of babes rocking athliesure this spring! Shop the looks at Grana.


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Grana always inspires me to be comfortably myself. Thanks Grana team, for keeping me on trend and in accessible, luxury materials. You guys are the best!

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In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Grana. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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