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coffee break into new year

Christmas past, my gaze is now set to my favorite day of the year – New Years Day. A feeling of old burdens shedding off like dust blowing into the wind, it’s time for another re-birth, and the change has already begun.

Beginning the first week of January, I will be transitioning into my new role in creative content for a marketing agency in NYC. I wait on the days with baited breath, and these moments between hardly feel like reality. Embracing the best of both worlds, I’ll be spending half of my time in the city, and have the privilege of working from the comfort of home alternate weeks. Choosing to take some time off between positions, I’ll be spending the week setting up a home office and streamlining my travel essentials. NYC, here I come!


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shirtdress:TJMAXX | jacket:FRONTROWSHOP | thigh high boots c/o:PUBLIC DESIRE | perforated bag c/o:MELLOW WORLD (get 10% off your bag purchase with code: DAYINMYDREAMS ) | rosegold latch bangle c/o:THE PEACH BOX | rosegold twist ring c/o:THE PEACH BOX | bar necklace c/o:DE PRISCILLA | coffee of choice:NESPRESSO


Pondering what life might hold in the next several months, I decided to walk it off with a day trip to Charlottesville to enjoy some late-season sun and a good cup of coffee. Ended up purchasing a Nespresso machine for the house (hey, I need good coffee if I’m working from home) Sophia Vergara, let’s toast to the frothy goodness.

Finally ended my search for thigh high boots thanks to Public Desire. Now all I need is weather to suit. Wearing them as an extended transitional piece until winter decides to show up in Virginia. In the pursuit of rosegold, yet again with Peachbox and De Priscilla. The cuff and twist ring are on heavy rotation lately. And of course, it wouldn’t be fashion 2015 without a sporty twist, so wrapped it up with a perf bag courtesy of Mellow World.


Vowing to make my time off productive and not completely spent behind my macbook screen, so I must sign of for the time being. Also need to put some seriously thought time into my New Years Resolution, any ideas?


  1. Those are definitely some of the best thigh high boots I’ve seen! And that’s fantastic news about your new position! Many congratulations to you and best wishes for your new adventure in 2016! Your blog has been a joy to follow!

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  2. Wow I’m so happy for you Kristina! I can’t wait to read more about your experience working for the marketing firm in NYC! And being connected with you through you blog, I always felt that NYC was YOUR city…your chic minimalistic style, your strong sense of fashion, your canny writing…they all make me think that your destiny is bound to be in the Big Apple. Wishing you a great start to the year (and to your job), may 2016 be the best year to come!! Take care hun! :) xo~ Lena

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    • ahhh you just gave me a huge smile. I do love the city… it’s going to be an adventure! thank you for always being a friend to me… means the world truly. wish we lived closer!


    • thank you! and I feel the same for you, I hope our paths cross someday! wishing you the best in the new year babe, you’re going to do amazing things!


  3. I freaking love this outfit so much, I seriously am in dire need of some over the knee boots asap, I feel like anything you pair them with gets instantly 10x cooler haha ! Congrats on the new job though it sounds amazing ! I’m jealous you get to work from home some weeks, literal dream !


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  4. Bailey Chauner says

    This look is so awesome. I really love how simple, but detailed it is. I will definitely try and recreate this look!

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