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whispers of the past

Welcome inside the famed Khajuraho temples of central India.The Chandela dynasty to be specific, between 950 and 150 AD. A hidden grove of ancient architecture, famed in darkness for it’s reputation of erotic sculptures lining it’s walls. I went in slightly braced, and hugely curious. What I discovered, was a beautifully enchanting retreat that had a way of encompassing one with feelings of unchecked fantasy and whispers of the past. Its sculptures were much for focused on that era of everyday lifestyle, war, peace, rulers, etc than that of a suggestive nature. Only small segments on one of the over 20 temples, displayed any form of sexuality. Though what they did show… they showed a lot. Like everything. And some pretty weird stuff too… So on that note, let’s move on to fashion shall we? Disregarding the previous insights, India has actually an extremely modest nature throughout. So wardrobe options in 90 degree weather were limited. May I advise loose, breathable clothing should you venture there. The leather crop I’m wearing here was super cute and flattering with the flowing culottes. However,… it …

some days can be classic

So this wardrobe combo isn’t particularly in my preferred choice of adorning myself. Though nothing is inherently wrong with it. In fact, I find it to be a quite pleasant combo – it’s just not very “me”. The shoot was for a corporate project for one of our brands, Nicole Shoes. Classy, sophisticated, homey. I tend to lean towards modern, minimal, and even a bit cold. So needless to say this left me feeling a bit froo-froo by the time we wrapped the day up. Many times in the fashion industry, one has to become flexible with adopting a unique persona for the brands or items they will be representing. And to be quite good, one must actually put themselves aside and “become” that person. After all, if you want to convince someone else, you’re going to have to be convinced yourself! Which can leave one feeling a bit like a disorientated chameleon. Blogging, I’m refreshed to find to be the complete opposite. Here, one has the freedom to express yourself fully, completely, and unconditionally. The clearer version of yourself you become, …

fall in florida

Finally got around to sorting through the photos from my recent trip to Florida to visit Nick (my big brother). Allow me to be mushy for a moment – my family is so important to me, and I love them to pieces! I have two brothers, and I am so happy to share that we are truly best friends. Moving on (as you roll your eyes) it’s wonderful to get away to a place that’s still warm and able to bake your skin at this time of the year. And it was a great excuse to get one more wear out of some summer favorites (though let’s not lie, these slides are going to be worn until my toes freeze off). Things I wore that I didn’t photo – shorts, boring tank tops, and more slides. Don’t judge me, it’s the beach. I was on vacation. And if you’re in the Tampa area, allow me to recommend Miguel’s Cafe if you’re in the mood for some hearty Mexican brunch. What is Mexican brunch… think Mimosas, …

bad siding

I know, I know – the location for these photos is terrible. But that’s just where I happened to be, and had to post because I’m in love with this new sweater. It continues to be a rainy and dark week (daylight savings, usually I despise you – but I’m ready for you to show up any day now). Weather may be most universally wardrobe defining influences – sweaters and baggy jeans here we all come. And do pardon my lazy hair day. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sweater:SIONI | jeans:LEVI’S | boots:BACIO61

when the dust settles

when the dust settles by kristina-petrick featuring a ceramic mug Preen shirts top / MM6 Maison Martin Margiela cocoon coat / Atto grey skirt / American Eagle Outfitters bra / Cosabella low rise panty / NIKE white pointy shoes / Givenchy grey purse / Clear plastic purse, $16 / Sterling silver cubic zirconia bracelet / Topshop hinged bangle bracelet / Wonderland see through sunglasses / J.Crew Sterling-silver bobby pin tie bar / Isadora nail care, $14 / By Nord white home decor, $110 / Simple Life ceramic mug / Sagaform thermo water bottle, $35