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these artisan bespoke gift boxes are truly art –  DLISH food and home goods gift box review

Discovering a collection of luxury grade, exclusive food and home goods curated in Milan.

The light clink of beautifully colored glassware, useful kitchen accessories that look more like art than hardware, a savory bite of artisan foods cooked at home and served on perfectly coordinated dish ware – introducing DLISH.

More than just a gift, DLISH represents a bespoke collection of gift boxes and elevated home goods combining food, art and design into a one-of-a-kind experience you can enjoy at home or gift to anyone from a coworker, to your best friend, or your mom.

Each gift box is curated with rare, exquisite items from local craftsman and artisans with only limited quantities available.

Looking for unique luxury gift ideas?

  • For the person that has everything, DLISH offers something special you can consume, and leaves you with a piece of limited craftsmanship that lasts
  • For corporate gifting, leave a lasting impression with something tasteful, artistic, and inspired
  • For engagement or wedding gifts, give a unique experience the new couple can enjoy together
  • For foodies, give them something that will inspire their next creation, DLISH is the perfect unique food gift for Christmas or other holidays.
  • For family and friends, give the gift of a one-of-a-kind experience, more than just a gift itself. DLISH is a great bespoke gift idea for best friends, Mother’s day gifts delivered straight to her door, or couples who enjoy creating memories together.
  • For yourself, because we all should learn to enjoy a bit of luxury from home

DLISH has your fix. And, after a few weeks of experiencing the collection for myself, I must say I’m completely enchanted by this small business doing incredibly innovating things. 

DLISH not only offers a truly unique collection of bespoke gift items that allow anyone to enjoy a bit of feel-good luxury, they create moments with their carefully curated gift boxes designed to enjoy for an evening, or for a lifetime.

DLISH gift box review

In this DLISH review, I’ll break down some of the finer points of the assortment as a whole, as well as a detailed overview of 3 of their signature boxes I was able to enjoy – the Olive Oil Gift Curation, the Coffee Gift Curation, and the Risotto Gift Curation from their Elite gif box collection.

First, a few of the finer points you can enjoy that define the entire collection:

  • Bespoke gift boxes are curated in Milan: You won’t have to worry about your gift standing out with unique items curated from around the world from local craftsman, artists and artisans.
  • You’ll want to leave the stunning assortment of colored glassware on display: Estelle glassware has nothing on DLISH. You’ll find a unique assortment of tea kettles, champagne flutes, tequila jugs and more – all resembling art more than common ware
  • Browse artful dishes beautiful for enough for serving yet functional for everyday: DLISH’s Scarpetta Collection is inspired by old school Italian traditions. Each porcelain-enameled metal dishes contain playful abstract designs that tell a story of Italian food and culture
  • The quality of food items is outstanding: After sampling three of the gift boxes, I walked away determined to eat more saffron risotto in my near future. The quality of the food is noteworthy, and so DLISH

DLISH creates experiences that inspire more memories from home, gathered around the family table together to enjoy something truly exquisite. 

The Risotto Gift Box Curation Review

Part of the Elite Collection, the Risotto Gift Box Curation was personally gifted to me by Owner and Founder of DLISH, Mona Bavar. I can’t thank her enough for her exquisite recommendation. Included in the gift box, two risotto and saffron speckled dishes from the Scarpetta Collection.

Inspired by Italian food and culture, the dishes are playfully reminiscent of risotto and rice on the dish itself, resembling a piece of speckled modern art. Crafted with porcelain-enameled metal, they have a lightweight homey feel that create a muted, nostalgic clink between bites. 

If you can imagine indulging in home cooked risotto on a large wooden family-style table overlooking the Italian countryside – that’s the sort of feeling this gift box evokes. Perfect for an engagement gift or wedding gift idea.

The risotto cube itself was delicious. Designed to serve 4, I followed the simple cooking steps using a homemade bone broth for the brew, drizzling the soaking saffron over the dish at the very end. The flavor – exquisite.

And the texture – the closest I’ve had to a home cooked mushroom risotto made for me by a close friend… in no other than Paradiso, Italy from their villa overlooking the vast mountain range and glistening lakes.

The Olive Oil Gift Box Curation Review

I’m a sucker for a little scarpetta or pinzimonio (the Italian tradition of dipping bread or veggies in oil. If you’ve been waiting to show off your bread making skills, or just want to start off dinner with a tasteful spread of fresh veggies, the Olive Oil Gift Box Curation is for you.

It’s also the perfect hostess gift, or novelty food gift for Christmas or other holidays.

My favorite part of this foodie gift box is the handmade, lampworked amber serving glass. Truly stunning, the trendy hourglass silhouette is designed by Japanese and Italian talents, Not Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani. 

It’s around 11cm high, dishwasher safe and the perfect size not only for serving your gift box goodies, but for other small bites (think olives, spicy pickles, mini crackers or even caviar) to elevate your charcuterie boards in elegant sophistication. 

It’s delicate and subtle, yet a stunning piece that immediately catches your eye. Join me alone after hours and you might even catch me sipping a little vino from the amber brim just as an excuse to experience it in more ways.

The olive oil itself was light and flavorful, with packaging that deserves to be served table side.

The Coffee Gift Box Curation Review

The Coffee Gift Box Curation is a really lovely gift idea for your best friend the coffee lover, and great to give your single friends and couples alike. Included are two double pain espresso glasses with beautifully cylindrical silhouettes. My husband immediately latched on to them insisting that’s how coffee ware should be made.

Also included, tiny bite-sized nuggets I can only describe as simple delights. The Austore chocolate croccante is a mix of Mediterranean treats made with lemon, orange peels, pistachios and sea salt crystals. There are 3-4 varieties, each bite individually wrapped in translucent individual packets.

They add a little international flair to our otherwise rather boring coffee routine, making it feel a little more like a special experience. 

The coffee itself was quite good. Full-bodied and creamy. Something about that smell just feels like the right way to start or end the day.

Sharing moments around the table with family and friends is more important than ever. In a world full of chaos, it’s important to restore ourselves with the people we love. And what better way to do that by creating memorable experiences with little luxuries that make those moments feel even more special. 

I hope you feel inspired to break out of the mundane and have or gift an at-home experience worth remembering. Want to see all DLISH as to offer? You can shop their collection of bespoke luxury gift boxes or browse their assorted artisanal home goods. Items ship for free if you find something you love for yourself or want to ship as an exquisite, unique gift for a special holiday that won’t be forgotten.

You’ll be seeing these bespoke gift boxes again in my upcoming holiday and Christmas gift ideas – thankful to have been introduced to this unique collection. Thanks DLISH!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with DLISH. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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