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must have “it” items for spring style from Shopbop

Trying to decide what to buy to freshen up your spring wardrobe? 2022 is a year of fashion like none other, as we all learn to embrace our individuality in new and exciting ways.

Style is an important part of self expression, and after a couple of years spent more secluded than ever, we’re ready to re-enter the world in a big way. 

As such, spring runways have been littered with bold new prints, silhouettes and artistic creations like we’ve never seen before. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are a few must have “it” items from luxury retailer Shopbop for spring style that extends beyond trends. These pieces are great staples to start building your spring style, or key items to add on to your capsule wardrobe. 

The vibe dress

What’s your vibe this spring? Find a signature dress that embodies your energy this season. Understated but sexy? Casual and confident? Unique and artistic? Find a piece that makes you feel like the best version of you. And wear it often. You should dress as good as you feel. 

Shop the look:

Seasonal signature bag

A new season is a great time to invest in a signature bag. This spring, opt for a geometric bag that completes your looks with a strong statement of your individuality. You can keep it basic, or offset your looks with a pop color.

Shop the look:

Bling shoes

Goodbye stay at home, hello life back in the wild. If you’re adventuring out for the first time in some time, step out with a bang in a pair of glitzy bling shoes to celebrate your re-found freedom. 

Shop the look:

Off duty hat

For days you want to coast under the radar, find an off-duty hat that suits your casual street style. Bucket hat or baseball cap, it should be something that makes you feel relaxed, matches a good deal of your wardrobe, and makes you feel like you’ve thought about your outfit… even if you haven’t. 

Shop the look:

Lightweight summer cardigan

Thanks to y2k 90’s and 2000’s fashion trend returning, cardigans are back and coming in with new heat featuring fresh lace-up designs, hombre prints and single latch closures. Grab a lightweight style to layer over your spring and summer outfits for cool evenings, travel, and other events that lend need to an extra layer.

Shop the look:

Signature sneakers

Sneakers are such an important purchase because you wear them with so much. Select a pair that represents you for the season, and wear them for season’s to come. Love this pair of neutral color block sneakers by Yammoto for its mix of athleisure and street wear style.

Shop the look:

Asymmetrical accessories

Embrace you duality with asymmetrical accessories revealing there’s more to you than meets the eye. Love this trend with earrings and the new split necklaces have been garnering a lot of well deserved attention.

Shop the look:

Casual summer dress

When you’re not fronting your most signature styles, you’ll want a casual dress you can wear to the market, office, poolside and beyond. Pick a piece that’s comfortable and light, while still representing your style.

Shop the look:

Relaxed sandals

Another piece frequently grabbed in the summer – you new go-to pair of relaxed comfy sandals. Pick a pear you can wear with anything from a summer dress to loungewear to maximize versatility.

Shop the look:

Spring sunnies

Sunnies exude your vibe for summer. What do yours say? Opt for oblong or oval shapes to show off you y2k fashion prowess.

Shop the look:

They are the items you’ll re-wear, that represent spring, the new seasons, new trends and new adventures you’ll be experiencing in the new year. Most of all, they’re the pieces you’ll be able to incorporate into all of your spring and summer looks to represent you and the energy you’d like to exude in the near year.

Want more? Check out Shopbop’s new arrivals to find spring must haves of your own.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with Shoplooks. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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