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spring fashion tips for a smaller waist

spring fashion smaller waist

An unseasonably warm and rainy February has our hearts set on an early spring. Not only are the days of sunshine and endless happiness right around the corner, it’s also time for a warm welcome to this spring’s top fashion trends of the season.

We’ve been watching the fashion trends for this spring for some time, and let’s just say, our revelations are quite, well… revealing. There are a ton of skin-baring essentials from the runways this year.

No matter your preference of straight to curvy, there’s one thing we can all agree on, we don’t want to show those tacos and margs we just chucked down for lunch. Want to make it a little easier on yourself? Here are some tips on how to wear this season’s spring fashion trends for a smaller waist.

luxury fashion essentials

Tuck in your top

The best way to create a smaller waistline is by showing it. Wearing tops out and over your jeans is going to make your waist look like the same size as your chest line. Tuck in your tops in to show the separation between clothes and your curves.


Start wearing waist trainers

Think body shapers are over-rated? They’re not. And there’s a reason all of your friends are wearing them. Wear a waist trainer to help smooth your waistline and cinch you in right wear you need it.


The queen of curves Kim K. just launched SKIMS, her own line of waist trainers and body sculpting shapewear.  The basic waist trainer design is smooth enough to be undetectable under most of your spring wardrobe. It’s also basic enough you could wear it over your clothes as a sexy outer layer.

Waist trainers are also a great reminder to keep your posture straight, since the apply light pressure throughout the day.

corset top

Try a corset

Need something more aggressive than a waist trainer? Corset tops are not only trendy, they can dramatically reduce your waistline if you wear them over time. Please just be careful, there’s a reason women fainted so much in the 1800’s. But, as long as you’re not over-doing it, you can enjoy a smaller waist and sexy accessory by adding a corset to your wardrobe for spring.

belted blazer

Wear a belt over everything

Belts were everywhere on SS20 runways. That’s good news for those of you wanting to accentuate a smaller waist. Belt over everything. Literally, everything. This spring, we’re seeing belts not only with jeans and pants, but also over dress and even blazers.

The Gucci double-G belt is is a cult favorite that has lasted quite long in its fashion rein. This year, wrapped belts and wide exaggerated belts are the hottest trend.

david lerner leather dress

Wear a belted or wrap dress

Some designer’s have caught on to the belted dress trend, and have built in belts of their own like this shirtdress from David Lerner. The look is not only sleek and sexy, it’s also flattering on the waistline.Wrap dresses are also great to hide that afternoon pizza baby while still accentuating your waistline.

Layover over a blazer

Speaking of blazers, suiting is a huge trend for spring 2020 fashion. If you’re not ready to wear it belted, that’s ok. Blazers are also flattering as they cover both of your sides, leaving your smaller center part to look like your waistline when you wear them open.

IMAGE CRED: The Real Real

Many blazers also have tailored curves sewn into the shape of their silhouette for an added cinch at the waist. My go-to destination for luxury designer blazers is The Real Real. There, you’ll find consignment pieces for brands like Prada and Yves Saint Laurent for as low as $20.

de rococo high waisted jeans

Get high waisted jeans

Still not into mom jeans? If you won’t do it for the fashion trend, do it for the waistline. High waisted jeans (or any bottom for that matter) bring your waistline up to the smallest part of your body (your actual waist). They’re going to be your most flattering option. To get the most impact, wear them with a fitted bodysuit, or a loose top that hits just above your waistline to show those long stems.

My go-to this year has been from a blogger friend who’s launched her own denim line. You can check out her high waisted jeans here.

black commando bodysuit

IMAGE CRED: Commando

Get a black bodysuit

When you want to feel skinny, wear black. We’ve been told that for years, and its actually true. Dark colors give the illusion of empty space, where light colors draw attention to an object in space. A black body suit not only plays off that color trick, they’re also super fitted to your slimmest self.

Commando is forever my favorite for bodysuits. They have several different bodysuits in black, and the material is so stretchy you won’t believe how comfortable they are.

Wear heels

I know, I know… you love the sneaker trend. Don’t we all. But not only are heels coming back in a big way for spring / summer 2020, they give you a real boost in height. That longer taller silhouette makes you thinner overall, so it’s also going to give you the illusion of a smaller waist.

Go do some crunches

Ok not a fashion tip, but also don’t forget the most obvious way to get a smaller waist for spring – work for it! I’m the first to use lack of time as an excuse to avoid the gym, but even a 15 min ab workout can help you make some progress.

Remember, striving for perfection is in vain, instead, succeed in making progress. Here’s to the start of spring! May this march be your best yet.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is sponsored by Nakturnal. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


  1. Gabbie A says

    I am absolutely loving waist trainers! I just ordered myself a new one from SKIMS after seeing such positive reviews. I can’t wait to try it out!

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  2. bri says

    Waist trainers are a must anymore and there’s no better place to get it from than the queen’s SKIMS line!


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