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living the life you love

luxury fashion blogger overlooking lake lugano switzerland

Lugano might just be the most perfect destination. Each year, I have the privilege of traveling to this place to work in our studio. Sometimes, we even get to work outside of the studio. By 5 o’clock, we freed ourselves from the work table littered with magazine clippings. We had been collectively researching the top fashion trends for fall.

behind the scenes of a luxury fashion blogger

photography:GAIA GRIGOLETTO | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |


August and September in Lugano are absolutely beautiful. The destination – Lake Lugano, just a few blocks away from our working studio. The purpose – shooting lifestyle edits for our luxury footwear brand, Naked Feet.

grey hair don't careluxury fashion fringe elliatt dress in the water

After late nights, a determined focus, and hours spilled over different forms of media, we were energized for the release. The air was warm with a hazy overcast. The muted sun created a feeling of comfort.

luxury fashion blogger at lake lugano

The look had been planned weeks in advance. A ravaging cocktail dress by Elliatt arrived early for the shoot, even before it was available for pre-order at Revolve. There are some perks to being a luxury fashion blogger. It felt empowering with its plunging neckline and full lace fitted tightly to my body.

lace dress and versace medusa gold coin necklace

The velvet handbag was camouflage carried with such a tonal palette. Medusa’s head peered just above the neckline, a Versace trinket I had picked up in my millings around Milan. But by far the best accessory was the evening’s first indulgence in a glass of chilled Prosecco.

luxury lifestyle drinking prosecco by the lake lugano

What a treat after a long day. The water rolled softly over my bare feet. The large beach stones had grown smooth from being tossed around Lake Lugano.

dancing in the lake lugano

The view – unblemished. The lake is surrounded by jutting mountains and old cities with terra-cotta rooftops and grapevines. A roundabout path through the flower gardens leads to this beach. The locals can be found here soaking in fresh air and sipping on Aperol Spritz.

My breath slowed. I realized I had been holding it back. For how long, I do not know. Minutes, days, perhaps months such a deep breath had not surfaced. Here I stood in awe. What a privilege to live the life we love.

luxury fashion blogger in elliatt dress

Surrounded by a team laughing through jokes, photo snaps, and aperitivos, it was impossible to avoid a deep, fullness of happiness. This is work. This is life. How inconceivable was this moment years before it had arrived.

aperativo in lugano switzerlandaperativo in lugano switzerland

Simply put, life is a dream, and it can be whatever you make of it. Ten years back, it was my dream to travel the world, master marketing and work in the fashion industry. Sometimes through life challenges, it can be difficult to see your future.

Sometimes when we get distracted, it can be just as difficult to see your future has arrived.

Sometimes it feels as if the bad completely outweighs the good. Your summer vacation doesn’t satisfy you through the year. A slice of cake doesn’t compensate for the years of muck. But why not? I encourage you to relish those moments.

see the positivehappiness living a luxury lifestyle

Realize in even brief moments of happiness and perfection that this is also your life. Your life is beautiful.

Amidst chaos and battles there is always a light.

No mater who you are, or who you want to be, you are living in your future now. The path you took today is a part of your life. You woke this morning and fed yourself with the bounty of your choice. You dressed yourself in a style and fashion befitting to your unique personality. You presented yourself and interacted with people in a way that you chose. You decided what your evening would hold, and you laid your head down at the end of the night.

luxury fashion blogger

Is it always perfect? No. We’re only human, and luxury is a commodity we can’t always possess.  Sometimes we live through challenges. Sometimes we struggle badly – so badly we cannot see our future.

live your dreams as a luxury fashion blogger staring over lake lugano

Take the moments you have. They are valuable. Make them yours. Choose to live the life you love in the greatest capacity you can afford. You can’t afford not to. Time is not precious and beautiful, it’s only what you make it.

Make your life a dream. Not only in the best moments. Squeeze the best drops out of every day. Find your focus there, and you will live the life you love.

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