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the way you make me glow

white lace dress in romantic setting

Soft and subtle. Warm and safe. It’s not who you are; it’s the way you make me feel. A fire crackles behind me, a sound competing only with the rain dropping on the skylights above. Naizak sleeps just between myself and the back door, probably the coolest place she can find while keeping me within sight. The afternoon was spent with delightful guests over a light brunch and a few (dozen) bottles of champaign. It’s a comfortable feeling having spent the day surrounded by people you love, and ending in silence and time to reflect.

day in my dreams wears a white lace dress

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | white lace dress c/o:ML Monique Lhuillier


There are some people you encounter that touch you differently, more deeply than others. The people that can, from a single glance, capture your thoughts, feelings and the deepest parts of your soul. They know. They see you. They don’t have to say anything, or even react. It’s an awareness. A different level of existence where you coincide on the same plain. They can speak to you from that space. With just a sparkle in their eye they can laugh with you, play with your intellect, tease you, comfort you, and say “I love you” without ever speaking a word. Even without being present at all, you can feel their presence. As if a part of them stays with you at all times.

day in my dreams wears a white lace dress and roseshappiness in a romantic white lace dress

Keep those people close to you, and never take them for granted. They are a rare treasure on this earth, and more valuable than any possession. There are many distractions, conflicts and barricades in life that may often warn you to keep these people at arms length, because it never feels safe to feel vulnerable. But in fact, that vulnerability can be the most beautiful space to exist. Never pretend to control the future. Embrace the present, and don’t dare to let it go.

There are many things in this world that will try to get between us. But know, you are my favorite thing; you make me glow.

“You don’t need nobody else but me
Give you all you want and more
Cover me up in my favorite things
You’re my favorite thing

I don’t want nobody else but you
Found what I’ve been looking for
You can play me like a symphony
I’ll bloom so brilliantly

So unpredictable
Don’t you dare to let this go
The way you turn me on
The way you make me glow”

– Gabrielle Currant, Glow

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