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how to choose a leather handbag for every occasion

leather handbags for every occasion

leather handbags for every occasion

What bag should you wear where? Here’s the lowdown on how to choose the perfect leather bag for every occasion, touching on everything from wallets and cross body bags to leather duffles and weekend travel wear. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while – because a girl can never have too many handbags, and I’ve been working with an awesome designer that has something to suit every occasion. Collaborating together for over a year, Status Anxiety is a go-to resource for leather bags, so I wanted to share with you a few of the insider reviews of their product line I’ve experienced thus far.

Why leather? Leather is the most iconic material for women’s handbags, and adds a rich, unified look to every wardrobe combo. There are many types and textures of leather ranging from soft to firm, pebbled and smooth, and every color of the spectrum. What I look for in the quality of leather is the overall feel and structure, as well as the dye job (no one wants ink wearing and rubbing off on white jeans). Status Anxiety offers a variety of high quality leather types and colors depending on your personal taste – all crafted with the utmost precision and care.

The leather wallet

Pretty self explanatory… the first staple you’ll need in your luxury fashion leather collection is a wallet. Wallets are great for quick errands like grabbing a coffee with a friend or running to the grocery store instead of harassing your neighbor for that cup of sugar. What to look for: plenty of space for cards. You’ll want your credit, debit and ID cards at easy reach. If you still shop with cash, consider a coin pouch to avoid those all-too familiar moments in parking lots with change falling to the ground due to poor wallet placement. I chose the Mildred, featuring all of the above plus a handy back-pocket big enough for a cell. The subtle chevron patchwork is a great geometric detail, and the leather is smooth as butter.

fashion blogger's leather wallet

status anxiety leather wallet

The go-to cross body bag

Cross body bags are an essential go-to piece for every woman with more on their agenda than bumming around. They’re typically smaller than traditional handbags, and the long strap makes them easy to wear. Since they strap over your body, you don’t need to tote them on your shoulder or remember to grab them off the dinner table. They’re always there with you, and are the right size for cell phone, wallet, sunnies and a few essentials (like lotion, lip balm, keys, etc.). The Ascendance bag in black was my cross body bag of choice. It’s what I grab when I just need the basics, but more than just my wallet. The leather is smooth and soft, and in addition to the main zipper compartment, it has a secret magnetic side stash that provides easy access for a phone.

cross body bag

The contrast leather handbag

My wardrobe is mostly monochrome, so naturally my purse selections typically follow suit in blacks, greys or whites. However, it’s important to remember a purse is an accessory, and a bit of contrast can add a lot of depth and richness to your look. That’s why it’s always important to have some alternate colors that vary from your norm to make your outfit pop when the mood may strike. Choosing the classic handbag silhouette, my pop of color is the Force of Being in tan. A warm butterscotch tone, the Force of Being has an iconic silhouette. The mid-size bag is what I would consider as the “average” size for a women’s purse. It features traditional handles as well as a detachable cross body strap to increase the wearability. The wide opening allows for ample space for wallet, phone, keys and extras (like a water bottle, makeup bag, and pair of gloves). It’s crafted with a soft, pebble grain Italian leather giving it an overall luxurious feel.

luxury leather handbagleather butterscotch handbag

The tote for daytime

A tote is for those women that just have too much to carry for a small size cross body.  With a traditionally rectangular shape, the tote is made to haul around all your daytime essentials that you may require during your hops around. Totes can get a bit heavy (not by design, but rather by what you stuff in them) so they’re best for shorter durations or activities where they won’t need to be constantly in hand. I take mine for brunch and the bank, coffee meetings, and the market. My tote of choice from Status Anxiety is the Wasteland in black fur. The fur accent adds a rich, unexpected texture to the pebbled leather panels for daytime wear. The structure is sturdy and reinforced, allowing you to tote around some more serious gear. I’ve stuffed in as much as a MacBook Air, tablet and notebook along with my wallet and essential purse items.

blogger's black leather tote

status anxiety leather tote bag

The mini duffle bag

A fun play on travel wear, the mini duffle is a cute handbag, designed to look like a mini travel bag. The oblong shape and structured sides allow for a lot of space, making the bag a great companion for daytime activities. Mine is the Kingdom and Oaths. In a heavy pebbled leather, the texture is incredibly luxurious. The open interior is ideal for bulky items that don’t typically fit in a traditional handbag, purse or tote. I use mine for shoot days fitting my camera, an extra lens, bottle of water, wallet and essential purse items. The mini duffle also has some small interior pockets for quick-access items like keys, phone and credit card.

blogger mini leather dufflepebbled leather status anxiety duffle bag

The large duffle bag

The newest addition to my Status Anxiety bag collection is a large, leather duffle bag, the Succession in black. A duffle bag is great for overnighters, and an essential for a fashion blogger’s lifestyle on the go. Making traveling a bit more fun and a lot more epic, this duffle is my go-to for short, drivable trips in style. Why drivable? Don’t get me wrong, this bag is great for all short travel (and is the ideal size for a small carry on) However the rich, pebbled Italian leather can get a bit heavy. So if you plan to fly, make sure you’ve got a small suitcase on wheels you can strap the duffle to as my shoulder-saving advise. The design is completely striking. It’s a no-cut corners bag with a thick padded detachable shoulder strap, small interior pocket and exterior pocket for quick-access items. If you’re going for a minimalist lifestyle and want one quality overnight investment bag – this is it. A favorite that will remain in my collection for years to come, the Succession duffle is large enough to fit a couple changes of clothes (including shoes), an overnight bag, a water bottle, earphones, wallet and essential purse items.

large black leather duffle bagstatus anxiety leather duffle bag

Still on the wishlist…

I know, I have a lot of bags, but one can never have enough right? And it’s one of the perks of existing in the world of a fashion blog. Too many? Nah. Here are a few more pieces still on my wishlist from the Status Anxiety collection, along with the favorite mentioned above. If you’re looking for a new addition to your handbag collection, hope this post helps inspire you to pick a style that’s perfect for your day’s activities ahead, no matter the occasion.

status anxiety black leather croc clutch status anxiety black leather fur wallet status anxiety black leather suede bag status anxiety black leather backpack status anxiety black leather zipper wallet


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