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the science of beauty with Immunocologie

immunocologie skincare review

immunocologie skincare review

Ever wish you could tap into and hack the chemistry of your skin? With insight into your skin’s biology, you would have the power to address your skin’s needs before they happen – preventing irritation, pollution, dryness and sensitivities. Well, Immunocologie is attempting to do just that. With over 10 years of research and development, their skincare team has worked to develop a line of skincare products with science at the forefront. Working with natural ingredients to provide defense from environmental stressors, Immunocologie prevents skin damage by nourishing your skin with the essential minerals and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, happy and protected.

I have pretty sensitive skin, and I understand the side affects involved with placing unnatural elements in or on your body.

My first attraction to Immunocologie began with the ingredient list. I’m pretty careful what I put on my skin, and if there’s a natural or home remedy – I’m likely to give it a try before resorting to packaged goods.

immunocologie websiteimmunocologie packaging

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | skincare regime c/o:IMMUNOCOLOGIE

With ingredients like annuus seed oil, fruit extracts, and colloidal clay – Immunocologie also takes a natural approach to science, avoiding harsh chemicals that damage your skin in the long run. Immunocologie’s products are also carefully engineered to gently penetrate the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin, so those precious ingredients aren’t going to waste sitting on the surface of your skin. The promise:

Vital Oligo Science immediately reduces skin inflammation, nurturing more radiant, more vibrant and healthier skin within only a few applications. – Immunocologie

Thanks to some friends at KFD PR, I was able to put that promise to the test with some of my very own Immunocologie products gifted to me to try. First impression: the team packaged my goodies beautifully, making the arrival even more exciting. If you keep up with my Instagram stories, you probably saw the unboxing with the over-adorable satin eye mask, personalized monogrammed wash cloth, and beautifully packaged products on a timeless black beauty tray. The Immunocologie packaging is completely in line with their mission branding – simple, clean and understated with a lot of attention to details. Each bottle comes in a white paper tube with their label in black. The bottles themselves are jet black with their identifying product name and logo. I’m a complete sucker for packaging, and Immunocologie definitely get’s an A+ in that department. In my care package: the exfoliating lotion, cleansing lotion and hyaluronic serum. I’ve now been using the products for about a week. Here’s my Immunocologie skincare review so far.

immunocologie products

Let’s start with a little introduction to my skin to help you decide if Immunocologie may give you some similar results. I mentioned above that my skin is fairly sensitive. And by sensitive I mean that using harsh chemicals can leave my skin red, blotchy and irritated. I tend to stick to natural moisturizers like pure plant oils, and only use face wash if I have some serious grime to remove. I haven’t given up my search for the perfect products, and like to try new things periodically to test my skin’s acceptance. My skin also tends to be a bit on the dry side, so using pure oils is essential to keep my skin hydrated.

To start my Immunocologie regiment, I started using the cleansing lotion followed by the hyaluronic serum each morning as my daily treatment. Since my skin is dry, they recommend following with an additional moisturizer so I continued using a dab of natural oil after the serum had a few minutes to absorb. If I spent a fair amount of time outdoors, at the gym or just didn’t make time to shower one day (yup, it happens) I swapped out the cleansing lotion with the exfoliating lotion to give my skin that extra scouring. The exfoliating lotion and serum are both what I would consider a serum-like substance. The cleansing lotion is more like a standard lotion texture, that leaves a soft feel-able moisture on the face after being rinsed off. I use about two pumps of each to fully cover the surface of my face before rinsing (except for the hyaluronic serum, that stays on). The results?

immunocologie serum review

First and foremost, my skin didn’t have any kind of negative reaction – which says a lot for those with sensitive skin. Even after the first couple of uses, my skin didn’t freak out about this new substance I was force-feeding my face.

No irritation, no redness, no breakouts – so I was ready to take the test full force.

I started with the exfoliating lotion and serum for my first wash to give my skin what I felt like would be a fresh start. They wash has a completely smooth texture, and I could actually feel the wash exfoliating, washing off that outer layer of dead skin cells as I massaged it over my face. Rinsing felt amazing to was those bits of grime away. The wash itself is a bit moisturizing, so I wasn’t scrambling to apply moisturizer. The serum was next. Two pumps covered my face and neck, and with a pretty standard serum texture, it absorbed pretty quickly. For those with oily skin, Immunocologie recommends no additional moisturizer needed. But for those with normal to dry skin, I recommend following up with an extra layer of hydration. I used a few drops of standard plant oil to finish up my morning routine.

skincare routine

After a week of continued use, I’m happy with the results. my skin is smooth and even toned. I’ve also noticed my skin doesn’t get dry mid-way through the day as it often did before. The best part is the moisturizing lotion cleanser that really sets deep into your skin rather than just sitting on the surface as many other moisturizers do. I would say that’s my favorite product of the three because of its lasting effects and deep absorption. The top portion of my T-zone between my eyebrows is also super smooth, and I’ve noticed an improvement on skin texture especially there. Planning to continue use and judge the long-term effects over time.

Want to learn more about the science behind skincare or check out the products for yourself? Check out the Immunocologie website for more information. Keep that skin glowing gals!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Immunocologie. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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