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new years resolutions 101 and how to stick with them

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Just kidding, if I had the answer to that I’d have flat 6 pack abs from a rigorous active routine, be juicing every morning, and actually be taking the time to do my hair on weekdays.

Let’s face it, we all struggle with meeting the expectations that are put on us by friends, family, coworkers and worse – ourselves. And there’s no other time that’s more apparent than New Years. Somehow inspired by the unmarked calendar, people gaze steadily forward. Sure that this time, they’re going to follow through. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraging you.

In fact, New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays as it represents a fresh start, new beginnings and yes – New Years resolutions. I quite savor the time of year to look forward with an untarnished canvas laying before me. But it’s important to remember amidst your ambitions, not to get lost in trying to become someone whom we are not, or becoming discouraged when we fail. Though I can admit to often falling in line with the traditional 1st of the year transition into a new being, instead, look at the new year as full of opportunities. Not just one until you mess up.

Every time you mess up, it’s a new opportunity.

A new chance to start again. Untarnished. Undiscouraged. Full of zeal and motivation to begin once more, whether that’s New Year’s Day, a Monday, a Friday, 3:12pm or midnight. Any moment of our lives can be a fresh new beginning.
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I choose this week as mine. Not because of the New Year (or at least not directly), rather because the holidays have finally come to an end, and my 5 holiday vanity pounds are in desperate need of removal. With the family in town for a couple of weeks, let’s just say the company, festivities and dining were incredible… but now my body is paying the price. So I’ve teamed up with Albion Fit to get back in the game. With a new active routine, some incredible new leggings and a mostly-soup diet, I’m looking forward to being back on track in no time.

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Albion Fit is a fitness and leisure apparel brand with a mission of providing women with luxury, hassle-free activewear that can be worn transitionally throughout your day. What I like about them: They’re super comfortable with a fabric that’s tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough to fit comfortably. I have pretty sensitive skin and comfort is always a priority to me. There’s a lot of planning that goes into the best technical material for the most flattering fit and practice wear, so these guys get a high-five for nailing the fabrics.

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About the looks: the design is innovative, fashionable, contouring and functional. This marl-grey legging has a pocket that’s big enough to fit a phone (finally someone figured out we don’t use iPods at the gym anymore). And the sport bra is provides support without being suffocating.

functional active pocket

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Their casual line is perfect to layer over activewear pieces for transitioning from gym to daytime activities. Wore the oversized knit and the coolest honeycomb leggings for a hike during a warm winter day with my essentials packed in my NAME luxury activewear bag for the trip. My thermos spilled steam into the air overlooking the natural beauty of Virginia – paired together with Albion Fit, it was the perfect leisurely afternoon to recoup into wellness after the holidays.

Looking for some activewear to help you on your way to your everyday resolutions? Use code: DAYINMYDREAMS at Albion Fit for 15% off. More New Years resolutions fresh starts to come. Stay happy, stay healthy, and celebrate everyday as an opportunity to start again. Happy New Year!

name luxury activewear bag

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Albion Fit. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


  1. Megan says

    This line of athletic gear just adds more perfection to your [already] perfect self. Can’t wait to get my legs into those leggings!


  2. Agree that any time of the year is the perfect opportunity to start fresh, not just the new year! Also, love the athletic line- such cute gear! :)


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