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#mondaymotivation beach-ready in titika activewear

titika activewear leggings and sneakers

Here’s to a productive week of triumphs and success, letting go of all that ill besets, and running forward full speed ahead.

It’s Monday! And if you weren’t able to rally over the weekend, it’s time to get motivated. Spending this week in NYC and leaving for the Nicobar Islands, India just a few days after my return home. Preparations have been in full swing, and at this point I’m just crossing my fingers that nothing crucial has been overlooked.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | pattern activewear bra c/o:TITIKA | pattern jacket c/o:TITIKA | activewear leggings c/o:TITIKA | black sneakers c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | fitness tracker c/o:TOTWOO


Toning up to get beach-ready before the trip. Thanks to Titika for making that a little more fun in new activewear sets. Something about new workout clothes always helps me go that extra mile. And these leggings could. not. be. more. comfortable. I’m pretty sure they’re just going to be taking over my wardrobe in general.

Love their attention to details especially in the mixed materials and back designs. Perfect for this particular short run – and cute enough that I felt comfortable hitting up the local weekend market on the way home. I’m a sucker for versatility, so if my activewear can double as errand-appropriate, they’ve won my affections. Because let’s be real – we don’t have time to change five times a day for work, leisure, errands, gym and a night out on the town.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | lace-back activewear bra c/o:TITIKA | tank c/o:TITIKA | activewear leggings c/o:TITIKA | sneakers c/o:EGO | fitness tracker c/o:TOTWOO




Also on the wrist, Totwoo smart jewelry tracking every step along the way. Pretty for a fitness tracker right? Wearable tech has always been an interest of mine. I was the first girl on a Fitbit, and similarly couldn’t wait to give this crystal-encrusted technology a try. Had a bit of trouble getting the app to sync (hey, I never said I was good at this stuff) but the team was extremely helpful in getting me on my way. I’m now able to track steps, UV exposure, get reminders when I’m idle and more. It also has a fun flashing light option that basically makes me want tequila shots in a dance club… versatility – I’m telling you. I couldn’t be more prepared.

2016-0613-titika-minimalist-sport-activewear-34 2016-0613-titika-minimalist-sport-activewear-332016-0613-titika-minimalist-sport-activewear-21

The combination didn’t arrive a day too soon, I’m pretty sure my gym card has collected a quarter inch of dust since my last trip. But procrastinate no more! Today is the day to get things in order. The sun is shining, the people are out, and it’s a fresh new day. #MondayMotivation

So get it girls, may you tackle those to-dos in a swift sweep and have time to unwind shortly thereafter.


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