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minimalist fashion open to interpretation

The art of interpretation is both a beautiful and malicious thing. Every set of eyes sees the world in a different way. Some seeing the troubles and complications in live – others seeing beauty in even the darkest moments. It’s easy to get lost in your own line of sight, but one who can see from many perspectives is able to tap into worlds that can transform the way we see, think and believe. And whether those directions are right or wrong, that shift in direction acts as a catalyst into the co-existing lives around us.

It’s kind of like modern art. Everyone who looks at the strokes and colors on the canvas see something different, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

2016 0614 from zen til now 6 (1)

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | minimalist silk crop c/o:TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE | minimalist silk trouser c/o:TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE | lava stone earrings c/o:EVERY MONDAY | stack rings c/o:EVERY MONDAY

closeup too damn expensive minimalist fashion

2016 0614 from zen til now 6
2016 0614 from zen til now 7

2016 0614 from zen til now 2 (1)

That is exactly what I like about Too Damn Expensive (and no I’m not talking about price tag). It’s a line of minimalist fashion, newly discovered and consisting of a capsule collection of well-thought pieces. The designer has incorporated strong lines contrasted by softest materials which catch the light in a tangible way. The silky lines flow and drape, transforming this look with every step. The pieces themselves are quite loose and deconstructed. Ties and belts lend themselves as a channel of transformation in which the look can be twisted and tight or relaxed and free. Pieces of wearable art, they left me feeling ready to tour a gallery and enjoy a glass of champaign (then again, I’m always quite ready for that).

silk minimalist fashionminimalist fashion2016 0614 from zen til now 9 (1)

Pulling the almost lunar essence of the look, I paired it with accessories by Every Monday. The handmade pieces include stack rings and lava stone earrings (how cool is that?) Her pieces have a beautiful ethereal presence about them that totally sends me to the moon.

And speaking of the moon – this one is falling fast under the said lunar pull, pulling her too sleep… so until next time my loves, sweet dreams.


  1. Girl, you’re slaying it in this minimalist number! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the subjective interpretation of minimalist fashion. You look like a warrior in this outfit, I love it :) xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW


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