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let the sweat roll

Something about a breaking a heavy sweat feels deliciously refreshing. Like your pores have been fighting a drawn out battle, and finally gave way to the rush of your body’s energy flow. And while I would like to boast these droplets of fallen soldiers are from putting in a full day’s over-due workout… it’s actually mostly from the heat. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sport bra c/o:TITIKA | activewear short c/o:TITIKA | joggers c/o:TITIKA | athleisure dress c/o:TITIKA | althleisure shoes:ADIDAS ORIGINALS | pebble leather bag c/o:STATUS ANXIETY Deceivingly scorching for it’s bright appearance, this studio would have been perfect – if only it weren’t 90° without proper ventilation. I’ll be back in the fall. In the mean time, at least I look like I’m practicing some intense moves. And while this shot was mostly for the sake of the show – I have actually been getting this butt back into the gym, and proud to say the routine is (mostly) back on track. Coming from previous years of 90 min Bikram sessions …

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#mondaymotivation beach-ready in titika activewear

Here’s to a productive week of triumphs and success, letting go of all that ill besets, and running forward full speed ahead. It’s Monday! And if you weren’t able to rally over the weekend, it’s time to get motivated. Spending this week in NYC and leaving for the Nicobar Islands, India just a few days after my return home. Preparations have been in full swing, and at this point I’m just crossing my fingers that nothing crucial has been overlooked. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | pattern activewear bra c/o:TITIKA | pattern jacket c/o:TITIKA | activewear leggings c/o:TITIKA | black sneakers c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | fitness tracker c/o:TOTWOO Toning up to get beach-ready before the trip. Thanks to Titika for making that a little more fun in new activewear sets. Something about new workout clothes always helps me go that extra mile. And these leggings could. not. be. more. comfortable. I’m pretty sure they’re just going to be taking over my wardrobe in general. Love their attention to details especially in the mixed materials and back …