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the far east

Just received final confirmation that I will be traveling back to the far east this spring, and couldn’t be more excited for the trip. This adventure will be a mix of work and pleasure, starting in China for overseeing of photography techniques and interior remodeling of our office space there. We’re planning on a sleek update complete with cement flooring, walls of windows, and some luxe finishing details. (wishing this was going to be for my flat!)

This will be my first visit to China; when I was asked to get the 10 year multi-entry visa… I said YES!

From China, I will be touring India for my second time. The country is absolutely beautiful, and I find myself reminiscing of my first visit there last year. A part of my heart will now always reside there amongst the beautiful people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and now am proud to consider my family and friends. Since that was pre-blog, I will be sure to keep you guys more updated this time around. In the interim, enjoy these few shots from my last visit. Namaste.

2014 0515 the far east 03 2014 0515 the far east 04 2014 0515 the far east 02 2014 0515 the far east 05

The beautiful family I had the utmost pleasure of staying with in India last summer. So many memories and warm moments – never forgotten.

2014 0515 the far east 06

Peering into the Taj Mahal. We were able to get an inside tour, and I was completely blown away. No cameras allowed on the inside. All I can say is the labor of love was evident every detail. I’ve never seen such an architectural feat of beauty, labor, and love.

2014 0515 the far east 07 2014 0515 the far east 08 2014 0515 the far east 09


  1. First time here on your blog.

    This post is amazing. That girl and the picture of your eyes. You have such a great view and ability to capture it. Really makes me curious to new pictures once you get back from your trip.
    Enjoy and take care over there! I’m glad I found this post :)


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