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one should recycle

Apparently blue is my hue of the season. So there is a story behind this leather top… It all started one dreary day, when I had nothing to do but stare blankly out of my windows… (Ok sorry I’ll get to the point) I was going through my closet, which is a huge task in and of itself, and is saved for days only when I have ample amounts of time. Often times when I do so, I discover pieces that had been shoved so far back, they were totally forgotten. Many of those – they were back there for a reason. (Goodwill, here we come) But a few pieces, it’s like shopping all over again in boutique Kristina. Well, this was a tuck-back-to-the-depths or donate item. But then, sometimes beautiful things can come from what might otherwise appear to be worthless. I got to looking at it (believe it or not, it was a jacket back then, a very, very ugly jacket).

Out came the scissors, and a few snips later – I was in love with a now-worn-backwards, chopped out jacket that you’re now seeing as a box top.

Yeah, it get’s weird over here sometimes. The rest of the gig – lightweight jacket from BlackFIVE, Calvins, and Dimmi Shoes.

2014 1029 one should recycle 01

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | boxtop:THRIFTED | jacket:BLACKFIVE | jeans:CALVINS | sneakers:DIMMI

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