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work hard, play harder, and eat a lot

At FFaNY! For any of you not in the shoe business (…probably all of you)  That is not some weirdly brilliant acronym I was cool enough to make up for your amusement, it’s a shoe show held 4 times a year in the city, and one of my bitchin perks of the job. The December show is the ultimate pleasure… it’s the first time our team gets to lay eyes on our new crop of product for the following year (so this time, we’re planning styles for our Fall/Winter 2015 collections). Wishing I could share a sneak peak at some of the eye-candy, but all under wraps for now! (AH THEY’RE SO GOOD!) X) Aside from the buzz and hustle at the showroom, a bit of time is also spent catching up with a few dear friends local there, enjoying the views and delicacies (so many treats for a small-town girl like me!), and of course, an insanely well-planned wardrobe. First day of the show, sporting perforated leather joggers (one of my prize investment pieces), …

one should recycle

Apparently blue is my hue of the season. So there is a story behind this leather top… It all started one dreary day, when I had nothing to do but stare blankly out of my windows… (Ok sorry I’ll get to the point) I was going through my closet, which is a huge task in and of itself, and is saved for days only when I have ample amounts of time. Often times when I do so, I discover pieces that had been shoved so far back, they were totally forgotten. Many of those – they were back there for a reason. (Goodwill, here we come) But a few pieces, it’s like shopping all over again in boutique Kristina. Well, this was a tuck-back-to-the-depths or donate item. But then, sometimes beautiful things can come from what might otherwise appear to be worthless. I got to looking at it (believe it or not, it was a jacket back then, a very, very ugly jacket). Out came the scissors, and a few snips later – I was …

apparently jogging

Happy Friday followers. I don’t know about you but I was ready to make a dash out of the office no sooner than I had arrived. And apparently this ootd is just perfect to do so. I got asked twice at work if I was on my way out for a quick run. Which means I take sports influence way too seriously, or maybe it just really hasn’t caught on in this tiny town in Virginia yet. Either way, jog or not (let’s be honest, I prefer not) I’m feeling pretty content and ready to take on the weekend in my Nike track jacket and Dimmi trainers. – Sooner rather than later. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | dress:SILENCE+NOISE | track jacket:NIKE | sneakers:DIMMI


refreshed by kristina-petrick featuring leather handbags MANGO long sleeve shirt, $57 / Vince pink harem pants / Leather handbag / Jurlique face care / Voss Artesian Water (Flat) Glass Bottle From Norway (3 Pack) Large 800… / JOGGER, BLACK GRID (DIMMI)

casual friday

A bit overcast, and some my say dreary, but I say an excuse for an extra cup of coffee, and taking casual Friday very seriously. The wear of the day just so happened to work for a Dimmi Shoes post, so you can check it out on their blog as well. Dimmi donates 100% of profits to medical research in ALS. (before there ever was such a thing as the #icebucketchallenge) What I’m wearing: well if you read the first paragraph, you know I’m in Dimmi Shoes. This particular one is called the “Jogger”. With the trainer phenomena, one can’t have enough varied colors of sneakers.  Going for a normcore vibe for today by mixing with a dressy box top and Levi jeans. And when I wear boyfriend jeans, in this instance I do mean jeans,… that are boys. Sorry not sorry. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera: CANNON 5D MARK III  | jacket: MAX JEANS | top: SPARKLE & FADE | jeans: LEVI | shoes: DIMMI