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no parking

Totally unplanned post, but had to stop along side of the road to enjoy a bit of the newly morphed fall scenery. I’m not much of a bright-colors person myself (as you can see by the B&W photos choice of the day… oh yeah and everything else I wear) but something about the bright oranges and yellows of fall with the smells of dry leaves and the last of the cut grass – yum.

Don’t worry, I’m not turning into the Pumpkin Spice Latte, scarves with everything, throwing leaves in the air type chica (you know who you are) <insert menacing face>

Just playing… love you girls. But for real, I’ll stick with my black coffee and not-quite-as-enthusiastic enjoyment of the fall season.

Wearing: black denim moto vest that’s by Kill City. I actually got this from TJMax (my heart’s true weakness) but took a look at their site today to link – they have a modest collection of nice things in denim and leather. Can’t say for the rest of their items, but I can’t wear this vest enough – and it washes great (+).  Thigh high boots… not quite. These are knee high, but still ups the edge factor in my books. Next to shop, true thigh high suede boots. (When the perfect pair is found, those, I will live in)

2014 1016 no parking 05

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | motovest:KILL CITY | jeans:RALPH LAUREN | kneehighboots:NICOLE

2014 1016 no parking 082014 1016 no parking 042014 1016 no parking bw 102014 1016 no parking 072014 1016 no parking 032014 1016 no parking 06


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