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Life is motion, and I love living. Join me. Traveling for work and leisure, a day in my dreams is the day I never stop seeking adventure. Come with me on a journey from NYC to East Asia and everywhere between in my personal travel blog. Residing on the east coast without chains, here are a few travel tips, what to wear where, and some breathtaking scenery along the way.

flying first class in fendi

flying first class in FENDI

The clouds swirl in motion from the movement of the plane. The light is bright white, like being covered in a new sheet.  There’s nothing quite like the rush of energy that comes from being 25,000 feet in the air. Running away from reality for the weekend. From the east side to Europe, the next 6 days will be spent wandering the streets of Milan for an afternoon – then shifting to Lugano for a week of design work in the studio under the Swiss mountains. The feeling is adrenalizing. I’ve spent a lot of time spinning dreams in my head as of late. Letting go of safety lines, the temptation to be truly free from restraints has been overpowering. First class, FENDI, sipping a Tito’s and OJ, overlooking the world mixed in a heavy fog below, it’s not hard to imagine. Safety has brought me where I sit here today. It’s been my constant. I made my safe bets and found a way to achieve a certain level of success in reaching my dreams …

travel blogger on minimalist beaches of costa rica

i am the sea

The sun had just begun its last descend. We had arrived there for a purpose, but that purpose was quickly lost. The golden sky-paint was kissing the stones and sea. The faint smell of rum and ocean beings came in waves with the breeze. The sound of reggae could be heard faintly playing on a beach far off. It was all too perfect to focus on anything but that. We had arrived to Costa Rica, on the sandy sunset beaches of Tamarindo. photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk dress c/o:GIGI MODA   Our hearts were stirred and as if we had became a part of this place. A sort of blissful drunkenness swept over. Not from the rum punch or local beer, but from the air itself. A feeling of light and movement consumed us. The sand was soft, and just cooling from the afternoon sun. The water had a crisp bite that ways playful and inviting in the warm air. A group of a dozen comrades joined us there. A …

tips on how to be a successful fashion blogger entrepreneur

How to become a successful travel and fashion blogger or entrepreneur while managing a full time career

It’s easy to be inspired in the air. That was the title I wanted to use for this blog, but sadly it would rank low in SEO, and most of you that are interested in how to become a successful entrepreneur or fashion blogger never would have found this article. Goodbye facades, hello reality. I hope you’re ready for a long read. I’m going to cut the glamour and give you the down and dirty real tips on how to achieve success as an entrepreneur. In this post, I will dive deep into hands-on experience achieving my dream as a successful luxury fashion blogger who manages a full time career and a hobby that allows me the freedom to quit my job, work remote, and travel the world while getting paid. Dreams are beautiful, reality is also important. It takes time. Dreams are a beautiful thing, but loosing sight of them will often make them slip from your grasp. Everyone dreams, but what sets apart the dreamers from the entrepreneurs taking over the world? You …

travel tips for traveling egypt

what you should know before touring mosques in Egypt

Looking for things to do in Cairo? Welcome to one of my favorite, and most fascinating countries in the world. Having spent several days in the city of Cairo, along with speaking to the locals and a couple of close friends born in Egypt, this travel blog is intended to share the experience and knowledge gained to help you enjoy your trip to the max while being respectful to local culture. Egypt is bursting with an array of incredible sights, ancient history and beautiful people, and despite controversy, Cairo tourism has really started to pick up. Before you go, there are a few travel tips that are critical in having the best experience Egypt has to offer. In this travel blog, we will cover what you should know before you visit Cairo mosques in Egypt in order to maximize your time, save money, and understand what to wear and how to get around the beautiful, ancient city. Map out your favorite mosques in advance There are over 1,000 mosques in Cairo alone, some dating back …

glamping view

when the rain and the sun rays hit you at the same time

The drive, incredible. Winding roads blinking with prolonged rays of sunlight flashing through the windows. There’s something magical about sunlight and the drops of rain from a summer storm hitting your windshield in unison. The streets glowed in the evening’s sunset, slicked wet from the storm, reflecting the trees and the golden sky colors around them like a mirror. The trees bent over each side, creating a lush green archway over it all. In the distance, the cool blue ridge mountaintops of the Appalachians. The journey itself made the ride worthwhile. The destination, Laurel Point cottage courtesy of Glamping with Pets. What is glamping? Precisely how it sounds, a vacation stay somewhere between the remote charm of camping and a glamorous vacation. You learn more on this glamping review blog post.   photography:KUNDAN KUMAR & KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | location c/o:GLAMPING WITH PETS The road narrowed to a private driveway, the trees parted, and alas, we were home (for the weekend). Laurel Point is split between two properties, the cottage where we …