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this + that: 13 effortlessly stylish outfit ideas for winter

We’re all busy. Our generation has lent to a society that packs our every moment with morning fitness routines, late night office hours, social rendezvous, and maintaining picture perfect homes.

We’re always in a rush, and the moment we’re able to slow down, we try to squeeze in one last to-do that’s been dismissed on our list a few too many times.

It’s not always easy to be effortlessly chic when you’re dashing out the door 15 min. from your last alarm in the freezing cold, or trying to juggle morning responsibilities before launching your first zoom. 

Efficiency is key in a fast paced world where we don’t want to miss a thing. And, a key to efficiency is thoughtful planning.

While one should never overthink the process, it’s good to recognized patterns that inevitably make our lives easier.

If your slowdown in the morning is staring at your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear, these outfit recipes for winter are going to be your weekly deliverance. 

You probably have a few go-to outfits you gravitate to when you’re in a rush. Why not add a few more you can add to your arsenal when you’re looking for a quick grab but still want to feel pulled together. 

Here are some of my go-to effortlessly stylish outfit combos that quickly pull together from your favorite pieces in the morning, without the long pause and blank stares. 

image cred @phylicia.jpeg

Preppy with an Edge: Leather Pants + Button Down + Sweater Vest

Leather pants are a wardrobe staple I can’t talk enough about. Prep it up for the office with a button down and this season’s hottest new staple, the sweater vest. Instant sophisticated prep with a touch of edge.

image cred @__modus

Boss Mode Essential: Coordinating Suit + Sneakers

In boss mode but running late to your presentation? A coordinating suit set is a failsafe that’s more in style than ever before. Want to look like you didn’t try to hard? Pair the look with sneakers for winning street style look with a modern athleisure twist. Want to play it safe? Pair with square toe booties for a look that’s sophisticated and demure. 

image cred @lyu9mila

Preppy Tailored Outfit: Jeans + Knit + Blazer + Sneakers

Feeling preppy or need an outfit that’s casual yet tailored? Grab your favorite denim, slip into a cozy knit, and layer over a tailored blazer. You’re instantly office appropriate, but can just as easily stroll stylishly to a relaxed social setting.

image cred Pinterest

Aprés Ski Outfit: Leggings + Sweatshirt + Puffer Coat + Utility Boots

For weekend excursions, stay comfy in your favorite pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. Complete the look with this season’s hottest puffer coat trend and utility boots. Your welcome for a look that’s comfy as home but cute enough to go out.

image cred @dayinmydreams featuring Anne Fontaine

Go-to Minimalist Combo: Trousers + Button Down + Knit + Loafers

There’s nothing quite as timeless as a trouser and button down outfit. It’s the go-to recipe for blue collar jobs across the board, but can also be quite chic if styled with a modern twist. Opt for wide leg trousers this winter, and slip a knit or sweater vest over your button down. Pair the look with loafers for a minimalist prep vibe that’s relaxed, comfortable and Zoom ready.

image cred InStyle

Insta Worthy Prep: Wide Leg Pants + Cardigan + Tailored Booties or Loafers

Simple and minimalist mood? Grab a pair of wide leg pants, your favorite button down cardigan and pair the look with tailored booties or loafers. It really doesn’t get more effortless than that.

image cred @about.janedoe

Cozy Knit Outfit: Knit Dress or Knit Set with Luxe Accessories

Knit ensembles are the new essentials. With all the cozy vibes and minimalist lines, it’s a go-to outfit recipe you’ll want to indulge in every week. Pair with luxe accessories to keep it from looking too casual. Comfy enough you won’t want to strip the second you walk back in your front door, cute enough for Monday’s meetings.

image cred: pinterest

Weekend Errands Style: Wide Leg Pants + Basic Tee + Crewneck Sweatshirt

Casual Fridays or weekend errands? Dress up your sweats by layering a basic tee and wide leg trousers with your favorite sleep sweatshirt. Yes, it’s a thing.

image cred @michellelin.lin

Neutral Basics Outfit: Khaki Pants + Button Down + Belt

Not really sure of your outfit mood? Go for something neutral and pair khaki pants with a white button down. Finish the look with a simple black belt.

image cred Pinterest

Get Outdoors Leisure Outfit: Leggings + Basic Tee + Shacket + Gorpcore Boots

Heard of gorpcore? It’s a hiker inspired look great for casual days outdoors. Pair Mix up your legging outfits with a basic tee and layer over a shacked (oversized shirt jacket) and pair them with outdoor inspired utility boots. Just add coffee and mountain views.

image cred featuring Hailey Beiber

Don’t Wake Up: Sweat Suit + Trench Coat + Sneakers

For the days you don’t feel like getting out of your sweats, don’t. Layer on a trench coat and runners and you’re street style approved.

image cred Pinterest

Day to Night Outfit: Leather Pants + Fitted Knit

Wide leg leather pants are all the rage. Pair them with a fitted knit for a look that’s all fashion, and perfectly appropriate for office to evening cocktails. 

image cred Pinterest featuring Hailey Beiber street style

Errands in Street Style: Leggings + Tucked Tee + Blazer + Sneakers

Last but not least a go-to for groceries and errands, grab your home comfies again and layer over a blazer to make it just chic enough for your coffee run. 

The best days are the days one can leisurely live and dress to the mood. But let’s be real, we don’t always have those days. These effortlessly stylish “outfit recipes” have saved more than a few mornings, and I hope they do the same for you.

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