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Bite beauty french press lip gloss review

bite beauty french press gloss review

What’s wrong? I don’t bite, or do I? Calling all coffee and beauty lovers alike (I think that pretty much covers all of us), Bite Beauty has just launched a new collection that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Please note they sent me these items as a gift, but I haven’t been sponsored or paid in any way to make this review – just love these tasty little bites so much, I couldn’t help but share.

Introducing French press lip gloss by Bite Beauty. Thought you were over the gloss stage of your life after your hair got stuck on your face and you tacked up your boyfriend’s lips too many times? Prepare to be delighted. This new limited edition collection from Bite is super creamy, feels like a balm, and goes on like a creme lipstick. The best of all worlds right? Want the full bite? Here’s the review.

bite beauty lip gloss

What is Bite French press lip gloss

“Creamy, comfortable lip gloss made with coffee butter and cold press coffee oil” – Bite

You had me at coffee butter. Bite French press lip gloss is an innovative beauty product infusing our favorite addicting beverage as a lubricant inside the gloss. This limited collection includes 6 delicious, coffee inspired shades.

Bite French press colors:

  • Vanilla Latte
  • Flat White
  • Salted Caramel
  • Dirty Chai
  • French Press
  • Black Coffee

Smooth and easy to apply, these glosses have a medium-coverage color that’s shockingly saturated compared to your average gloss. Of course, that’s no surprise coming from a brand we can’t wait to get our lips on.

A little bit about Bite

BITE has forever delighted customers (myself included) with some ultra creamy, nourishing lip solutions that are more than just a pretty package – they’re actually good for your lips too.

“Pucker up! The best in organic, natural lipstick is here. Bite Beauty lipsticks have been expertly crafted with a perfect blend of nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils to leave your pout supremely soft and healthy-looking.” – Bite

Yes, you read it right. Bite products are organic, and their pure, unprocessed food-inspired ingredients not only improve the health of your lips naturally, but also protect you from accidentally licking off “obvious nasties” like paragons, sulfates or phthalates.

bite beauty french press gloss review

From bold shades to sultry neutrals, they’ve mastered the formula of lip health, without looking anything like granola. Imagine a superfood that looks and tastes like strawberry champagne… That’s pretty much Bite for your lips. Keeping your skin young and healthy is a luxury we should all afford, and that’s why I’ve supported Bite since the beginning, celebrating each new release into their collection.

French press packaging

Being a fashion blogger, I definitely end up on the end of spoiling when it comes to package presentation, and Bite is always over the top in their delivery. This package came along side an actual French press and some new Bean Box coffee to try. Though I wish I could share the fresh brew with you as we speak, you won’t be disappointed when you receive anything from Bite. Bite’s glosses are packaged in a cardboard box with their signature red logo and a label marking the color of choice. Inside, you’ll find a lucite tube with a matte black, screw-in lid with the applicator attached.

bite beauty french press gloss packaging

The French press gloss lip applicator is bent at an angle, making it easy to apply without smudging. It has sort of a velvety tip that let’s you put on a thin coat if you scrape it off the side of the tube first, or a thick coat for maximum coverage if you want to go for a bolder look. Screwing it in makes a satisfying little “pop” noise that kind of makes you want to take it out and do it again.

Bite French press lip gloss shades

So how does it look? The colors are extremely saturated compared to what I’ve seen in a gloss, almost resembling more of a liquid lipstick. I’ve swatched each one out so you can see the texture and consistency. The shades on my hand are almost exactly what you see when looking at the tubes, even as the coverage thins out near the tails.

bite beauty french press gloss swatches

bite beauty french press gloss colors

For this post, I tried on the lightest color, vanilla latte for a fresh nude look. For the record, I have pretty dark lips, and have often been gently accused about wearing lipstick even when I’m only wearing a clear balm. So for me, the true test of a lip color isn’t in the dark colors, it’s in the nudes – where it’s more difficult for me to get a color consistency that covers my darker lips.

You can see in this post, a medium coat gave my lips the perfect nude hue. You can still barely see signs of my darker lips beneath, but for a single coat of gloss, this is groundbreaking coverage for me! Happy to give a 5-star review for lip coverage on these new glosses – I think you could see the shock in my face when I applied it for the first time live on my Instagram blog stories!

blogger wearing bite beauty french press gloss

Overall, the collection is a win for me. Though they compete closely with the Bite lip masks, lip pencils, and lipsticks I’ve used in the past. I tend to wear more matte colors, and save the gloss for dressy occasions, so my lip pencils and lipsticks definitely get the most wear on the regular. If you want to learn more about them, check out my Bite lip pencil and lipstick review on the blog here. If you want to check out the gloss collection, you can find it on the Bite site here! Until next time, kisses my loves, and may your lips stay happy and healthy!


  1. Great review Kristina!

    That’s so cool that they included coffee and a French press in the box – hope you enjoyed the coffee. :)

    The Vanilla Latte colour looks gorgeous on you! I think I’ll go for Salted Caramel!

    I love coffee so much so I’m glad that these glosses are made with cold press coffee butter and oil.

    Just to add to your point about the organic ingredients, I had a quick look at the full ingredients list, and I have to say I’m impressed!

    They don’t contain lanolin oil (sheep glands) or beeswax – great for those looking to cut down on animal products in their makeup bag.

    For any readers looking to go natural (or vegan), we recently posted a piece exposing some lipstick ingredients to avoid.

    Thanks again for the great review,



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