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Babor beauty review

babor beauty products review

For all my beautiful gals, it’s been a while, so I wanted to give you guys an update on my latest beauty products review. In this episode, I’ll cover several products gifted from Babor and my experience using them. Babor sent me the most beautiful, custom package of goodies to suit my skincare needs several weeks back, but wanted to try them out for the long-haul before providing a review so I could give more helpful feedback after my skin has been adapted to the products after several uses.

In the bag? Babor included their Enzyme Cleanser, A16 Booster, Illuminating Serum, Detox Vitamin Cream, and intense moisturizer and glow boosters. It’s a lot to cover, so in this review we’ll be going over a few of my favorites: the Illuminating Serum, Detox Vitamin cream, and Babor’s signature glass vials of beauty serums.

Hydra Plus Active Fluid review

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | products c/o:BABOR

By order of use, let’s first cover Babor’s Hydra Plus Active Fluid and Glow Booster – two variant concentrates packaged in their signature, glass ampoule vials. If you freak on packaging, you’re definitely going to want to tune into these for a treatment that feels a little extra special. Both concentrates are packaged in single-use glass packaging with a ring marking the “snap point” of the cap. To use, you literally crack the little bottles open, either with your hands or with the enclosed ampoule opener. I was a bit concerned about shattered glass during my first try, but they break seamlessly along the line without a single shard. You can then pour the portioned concentrate into the palm of your hands and smooth evenly over your face and neck. I’m not going to lie, the presentation on these totally sold me.

Aside from feeling like I’m being treated to a medical-grade facial with such delicate and sophisticated packaging, these little concentrates really pack a ton of nutrients in for the health of your skin. The Glow Booster is irresistible by title alone, and contains a combination of vitamin C, sea buckthorn and bistorta root. These active ingredients combine together for a smooth glow without shine. My face is naturally pretty dry, so moister is a big part of my routine in order to maintain healthy, glowing skin. The Hydra Plus Active Fluid contains a complex of hyaluronic acid and plant-based moisturizers to splash your skin with lasting hydration. I follow with a light swipe of cream to keep the moister locked in throughout the day.

Babor Hydra Plus Active Fluid and illuminating serum


babor illuminating serum

Since the concentrates are special treatments for me, I alternate with Babor’s Skinovage PX Illuminating Serum.

“Extracts of Waltheria indica and Perfection Peptides refine and even the appearance of the skin’s surface, while organic silica provides precious minerals to offer the complexion
a firmer, fresher, and glowing look.” – Babor

Some of the ingredients were a little foreign to me, but I have to say – since using the serum for a few weeks now, I really do notice a revitalization of my skin. This is probably my favorite as far as notable effectiveness, as I tried all products with and without each other to try and note which products were having the biggest impact on my skin. If I had to sum it up in a couple words, the result was fuller, more even skin with health that you could see and feel.

babor beauty review

Last but not least, I followed the serum or concentrates up with the Detox Vitamin Cream. I have historically been a big fan of facial oils for moisturizer, so switching it up with a combination of products and a cream was a bit scary at first. I was worried my skin would end up dry by mid-day – but after a few weeks I’m happy to say, my skin stays moist and less greasy by end of day as compared to most oils. The detox cream has a distinct, fruity-like fragrance, and is high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and BPE that combine for younger, smoother skin. What I love most about it, the moister really lasts – even in dry conditions like my trips overseas and in dry summer weather. It’s not even a little oily, and the texture is almost like a whipped-gel-and-cream combo.

babor vitamin a booster

Most excited to try next: the A16 Booster. I’ve just started using it for a few days, and can’t wait to start seeing results!

Want to give them a try? You can check out their whole line of products on site, or my shortlist of favorites and stuff to try down below. Healthy skin, happy people!

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In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post with all items gifted from Babor. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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