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GREATS sneakers review

closeup of greats sneaker review

closeup of greats sneaker review

Looking for a fresh pair of summer kicks? I’ve teamed up with GREATS sneakers to do a full review on a pair from their new collection. Why? Summer has been crazy and flying by faster than ever, and I don’t know about you, but I require more than a couple pairs of essential footwear to keep up with my life on the run. weekend getaways, trips to the market, brunch with the girls and photoshoots for the fashion blog – comfort is a must. And thanks to the fashion gurus for approving sneakers for all-time wear with the growing popularity of athleisure and normcore trends, a good pair of sneakers can take you just about anywhere. But which ones to choose?

I always look for comfortable luxury style, a classic silhouette and a light color palette for maximizing wear time of my summer sneakers.

That’s where GREATS comes in. Here’s my inside scoop and review after test riding their pale, pink, perforated beauty called The Royale.

photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sneakers c/o:GREATS

A little backstory on GREATS sneakers: GREATS is a fairly new brand born in Brooklyn NYC, launched just a few years back in August of 2013 with the idea of “building a better sneaker for less”. Their motto:

“It’s ok to buy status, just don’t overpay.” – GREATS

I’m not going to lie, you all know I’m a sucker for luxury fashion splurges. From Chanel accessories and Gucci slippers to AllSaints leather jackets in more than a couple shades… I prioritize quality over quantity in all areas of life. GREATS has a fresh perspective, offering the same luxury quality and craftsmanship that I could require, with a price tag that’s totally attainable. Before I go on a rant about luxury pieces and their place in a minimalist fashion lifestyle, let’s get into the review of my first pair of GREATS sneakers.

I selected The Royale, a classic silhouette with a white, sporty bottom and perforated Italian leather upper. The laces are a perfectly coordinated blush shade, making the shoe mostly monochrome save for the white sole. The heel has a subtle embroidered heart and arrow, and a thin vertical leather accent strip. It comes in several shades including black, white, mixed colors, perf and non-perforated options.

greats sneaker heel

What I love:

  • The color is on point
  • Materials have a luxurious feel (Italian leather does usually feel nice)
  • Craftsmanship is incredible (no loose strings, glue marks, etc.)
  • Design is versatile
  • Fit is comfortable
  • Shoes are handmade

The Royale in perforated blush is the perfect shade of blush. Not too pink, not too washed out. It can be difficult to tell when photo lighting can be deceiving on different devices, and in a world of Instagram fashion bloggers where everyone is using a different filter. If you’re having a difficult time interpreting reality, they’re not peach, nor are they bubble gum pink. They’re the happy medium blush tone you’ve been looking for to accent your other growing collection of blush fashion pieces.

greats the royale sneaker

Typically white is my first grab for luxury sneakers, but as a fashion blogger, my wardrobe overfloweth with white sneaker options. So I went with the blush to offset my wardrobe with summer’s favorite color. If you haven’t yet purchased a white staple sneaker, be sure to check them out too. They have some cute perf and smooth styles.

Packaging was also on point for those who freak on presentation.

The leather is supper supple and soft, making them comfortable for all-day wear with or without a sock. I took their recommendation and purchased a half size up which ended up being slightly loose, but still perfectly wearable. I’ll probably continue to wear mine with a light sock (which is my preference regardless of size).

fashion blogger day in my dreams wears GREATS the royal sneaker

The design is simple and chic. Perfect for a minimalist fashion wardrobe. Being super versatile in the design, you could wear them with Athleisure athletic mix pieces for casual wear, or day dresses if you’re not afraid to break the rules. Personally, I find them to be the perfect match with culottes, midi-dresses and my staple denim wear.

The shoes are truly made beautifully. I come from a footwear fashion marketing background, so that says a lot.

I know it takes a lot to craft a shoe without blemishes. GREATS sneakers came impeccably packaged with no scuffs, loose strings, glue spots or loose stitching anywhere in site. They were flawless. A true feat in the footwear industry. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that each pair is hand crafted in Italy by some of the pros. Regardless, it’s definitely a pair worth every penny of the spend. If you’re looking for a few quality pieces rather than some trendy low-price fashion spends, GREATS are your guys.

GREATS sneakers perforated leather

They make sneakers.

Ok, I know that’s pretty obvious. But anther thing I love about GREATS sneakers, they’ve kept their focus tight. Though they have a select few options of slides available, the vast majority of their products are a curated selection of sneakers for men and women. When you do one thing, you do it well. And GREATS is certainly doing that.

GREATS understands the lifestyle of their consumers. You’ll find their Instagram flooded with stunning NYC cityscapes and casual cool urban style. Their relaxed, luxury collection fits perfectly into that modern mentality of “less is more” with a focus on experiences over fashion frills. Simple is better, and GREATS does it right.

nyc cityscape

They’ve also received a lot of press with VOGUE stating “It’s just the thing to put a spring in your step.”, GQ relaying “You can’t go wrong with a classic silhouette like this.” Or my personal favorite:

“The footwear label is decidedly cool and has a decidedly modern business approach.” – Esquire

That’s decidedly a lot of “decidedly”’s, but yes Esquire, you nailed it. They are cool. And the modern, genuine business and marketing approach is refreshing.

Curious? You can check them out at or shop my style here. Hope this GREATS sneaker review was helpful. Keep stomping. xoxo

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with GREATS sneakers. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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