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what to wear to the office

what to wear to work and the after party

It’s a weekday. And you’ve been staring into your wardrobe with the blank “I need coffee” stare for the past 10 minutes. Wore it last week; I think it’s supposed to rain today; I just can’t handle tight jeans right now; do I have time to get doughnuts before work; I wonder what they’d say if I showed up in a sweatshirt; I wish the neighbor’s dog would stop barking; do people still even watch walking dead?? So the work week begins. You’re pretty sure you’re already late, and you haven’t even filled your eyebrows yet. A whole closet full, yet no idea on what to wear to work. Plus you’re supposed to meet the girls for happy hour straight from the office. Work appropriate and cute enough to compete with your local version of housewives of NYC? As a fashion blogger, I have a huge closet plump full of this seasons hottest trends. But the struggle is real for all of us. It’s 7:15am, that’s just too much for the mind to handle right …