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fashion tips for monochrome mavins

monochrome fashion tips

So you like monochrome fashion. Great, me too. I’d call it more of an obsession from personal experience. I think we can all relate to finding that new top, pant, boot, (you name it) – and think to ourselves, “it just looks better in black.” And there’s nothing wrong with that. Black, white, grey and other neutrals provide comfort and balance without the opulence or over excitement that colors may evoke. Understated is a culture as well as a fashion trend. And the good news is, it’ll probably never go out of style. It is a distinct advantage of monochrome fashion. The ease of pairing looks that always seem to match on the fly.

The issue – becoming too boring or predictable. Walk into my closet, and you’ll quickly see why I’m often accused of “not breaking out of my color shell.”

The solution: incorporate pieces that yes, may be elemental in color – but are rich in details and provide other areas of interest. The mentality: essential verses basic, simple but not the same. Think luxury materials, stitch details, and subtle patterns working together to add depth and intrinsic value, without having to be all over the color board. Geometrical designs and high contrast offer another great way to keep simple palettes interesting and fresh.

all white monochrome fashionflowing monochrome top

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | poncho top c/o:CHELSEA AND WALKER | geometrical skirt c/o:SIMPLE RETRO | timepiece c/o:BARBAS & ZACARI | sunnies c/o:TRIWA

Looking for new ways to wear your neutrals? Here are a few fashion tips for all my monochrome mavins:

  • Focus on texture: That might mean a coordi set if you’re into matchy texture head to toe, or layers of silk, knits and embellishments (like studs or stitching) for a more complex style
  • Mix materials: Think luxury materials like silk, velvet, leather and lace mixed with essential basics (like t-shirts and sneakers) for an interesting take on casual luxe
  • Play with patterns: An advantage to monochrome is the ability to mix patterns with no less risk of a fashion faux pas
  • Combine your neutrals: The actual definition is anything of the same color (yes, even red can be worn monochrome by definition), but it’s often interpreted as basic colors (black, white, grey). If you’re monochrome of the later definition, mix it up by pairing blush with black, nude with white, grey with… well other shades of grey
  • Wear an accent piece: No, that doesn’t mean we’re talking about red again. If you’re wearing monochrome black, try a white shoe or a nude bag to add a point of focus.
  • Accessorize: Of course, one way to make any outfit a bit more special is by accessorizing. You don’t have to reach towards the chunkiest necklace you can find. Simple and subtle is all that’s needed for tastefully elevating

This pencil skirt by Simple Retro is a nice transitional piece that has a classic cut, but added interest with a geometrical construction. The sectional lines play off the patchwork trend of the 70’s. Subtle, but noticeable. Especially when paring with other basics. The material is a matte synthetic leather, giving it a warm feel with a dull shine, making it a winning match for thick knits and boots once the chill starts to set in. And the classic cut makes it great for office to cocktail (win).

simple retro basics

simple retro skirt

For this look, the emphasis is on contrast with a flowing Chelsea & Walker blouse. Fashion tip for any color combo: if you’re going big on the top, go small on the bottom. Pairing two loose flowing pieces may look great on the runway, but for us normal folks in real life – it can tend to look a bit frumpy rather than feminine. Think skinny jeans, pencil skirts or leggings when pairing with ponchos and oversized sweaters. Avoid wide-leg, a-line skirts or loose fitting culottes with loose, large or flowing tops.

Adding an unpredictable element like these sneakers keeps the the look young and fresh in today’s normcore and atheleisure vibes. I’m a pretty big fan of white sneaks with everything, but if you’re a classic gal, boots and heels also suit just fine. (Some things never go out of style).

one way monochrome fashion

Have another monochrome fashion tip that I’ve skipped over? Do let a girl know, because monochrome is my way of life and you guys always inspire me to do things differently. Let’s mix it up while keeping it the same together shall we?


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