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rooftop without ever letting you know

nyc rooftop trench coat style

Careless corner smile and steady steps, gaze locked and sure, power play on full display. Attitude? Absolutely. Side glance in your direction – not a chance. Snob? Not at all…that’s just the way you walk in NYC.

People think the residents have an air of over-confidence – I think they just have somewhere to go. Purposefully in motion, it’s the city where you fight to make it or get left behind. Heck of a way to live? Perhaps, but this is what they all came for. Welcome to the American dream. A reality that is only as far away as you make it – the city is bursting with opportunities for success and failure alike. You’ll get your shot, and what you make of it is totally up to you.

classic trench closeupclassic trench nyc style

photography:ELMA BEGANOVICH from AMRA & ELMA | location:THE QUIN HOTEL PENTHOUSE | trench coat dress c/o:SIMPLE RETRO | t cuff c/o:GRAMERCI DESIGN | crosbody bag c/o:WANDERERWANDERER | open bar ring c/o:CHARLOTTE VALKENIERS | slingback shoes c/o:PUBLIC DESIRE

Something about New York always brings to mind mafia moments in cinema flicks, with streets run by fedoras and cigars and the ladies of the night. The swing of street music and corner diners with mystery patrons lurking in the corners. Glorified by some of the best filmmakers in the industry, perhaps that’s become part of the charm of the city in some strange way.

Anyone watch the series Mad Men? I can’t say I’ve sat still for a full episode, but I caught some glimpses in its glory days. Never thought too much of it then, but now that I can relate to a hairline of the storyline as an agency writer in the same city – I can at least appreciate the setting. (If only we kept a crystal of scotch in my office).

classic trench coat

public desire classic heelsclassic fashion details

Spending the day on rooftops of the Quin, feeling demure in an office-to-evening ensemble. And with the city below and places to go, I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Thank you Simple Retro, for this classic trench transporting me to an era past but not gone and a moment to dream. You’re truly as timeless as the city. Now back to the streets NYC style. Bye for now, it’s time for this day to keep moving forward.classic trench coat back


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