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With thoughts, ideas, and inspirations whirling through my head  – one reigns supreme: I am so thankful and humbled by God and His goodness.

I had originally planned this post to be revolved around the happenings of NYC Fashion Week, glittering parties, incredible people that were met, and experiences that were had. (Don’t worry, all of that in posts to come). But first allow me to gush on some other happiness happenings. (oh and the Happy Socks btw – purely a perfect coincidence) This week marked my second in the NYC office, and makes for just over a month of my career switch. The work space was buzzing, and oceans of words cannot express how happy I am to be surrounded by passionate hard-working people, and a group of brilliant leaders to guide us into a new chapter of a beautiful story – one which I hope never ends.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | ribbed knit c/o:SAMMY DRESS | destroyed denim c/o:BERSHKA | cuffs:THPSHOP | timepiece c/o:CHARLIZE (get 15% off with code: dayinmydreams15 )| socks c/o:HAPPY SOCKS | earnings and midi rings c/o:BOUTIQUE MINIMALISTE | marble laptop skin c/o:CASEAPP |beige nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE


Happiness should be a priority, but it’s how you find it that defines the person you are. A friend once told me, that as the flow comes to your cup, one way to ensure it’s full without overspilling or becoming stale is to always allow a steady drip to go out. Don’t let goodness stop at you. Pass it on. That is all.


Spending my happy moments today cozied up in this ribbed knit from Sammy Dress, coffee in hand, and loved ones in heart. Happy Vday lovers.



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