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water and the wall

It’s been an exciting week here in my blogging dreams. Posts are up, I’m now up and running on Facebook, Twitter, Polyvore, Pinterest, and Instagram; (letting out a gasp and sigh simultaneously) …and I’ve gotten my first few likes and follows. Waiting to have a more solid collection of posts until I spam my friends and loved ones with pleadings of allegiance, but yeah – check them out.

While shooting for this post, basic thoughts running through my head: “why don’t I wear hats more often, they totally hide my dirty hair”, “I wonder if starting a blog makes me self-centered since it revolves around posting a million photos of myself…”, “oh well, don’t judge me”, “Speaking to myself in the third person again, hmmm”,…

Well might as well get on with it then. Breaking in my new midi skirt I picked up this week at a local boutique, for a total steal by the way. Vince, you never do me wrong. But what I left still smiling wryly  to myself about, is the moment I nearly peed myself out of joy in finding the wall that said “Fred” – Fred water in hand. It’s the little things.

2014 1001 blog 03

photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera: CANNON 5D MARK III | hat: BRIXTON | shirt: CLOTH & STONE by ANTHROPOLOGY | sweater thingy: SANS SOUCI | skirt: VINCE CAMUTO | shoes: OTBT

2014-1001-blog-212014 1001 blog 042014 1001 blog 13
Decided to shed some layers – simplified version. #minimalistic or #mugshot ?

2014 1001 blog 12 2014-1001-blog-22

2014 1001 blog 16

2014 1001 blog 172014 1001 blog 19


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