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what you should know before touring mosques in Egypt

Looking for things to do in Cairo? Welcome to one of my favorite, and most fascinating countries in the world. Having spent several days in the city of Cairo, along with speaking to the locals and a couple of close friends born in Egypt, this travel blog is intended to share the experience and knowledge gained to help you enjoy your trip to the max while being respectful to local culture. Egypt is bursting with an array of incredible sights, ancient history and beautiful people, and despite controversy, Cairo tourism has really started to pick up. Before you go, there are a few travel tips that are critical in having the best experience Egypt has to offer. In this travel blog, we will cover what you should know before you visit Cairo mosques in Egypt in order to maximize your time, save money, and understand what to wear and how to get around the beautiful, ancient city. Map out your favorite mosques in advance There are over 1,000 mosques in Cairo alone, some dating back …

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Traveling to Egypt? Here are 10 things to pack you won’t want to forget

Hello blogosphere. I’ve just returned from a short holiday in Cairo, Egypt with friend and founder of My Spontaneous Travel Diary. Egypt is a beautiful country, rich with old culture and peppered with new outlooks on the world. We took a 3 hour camel ride around the Giza Pyramids, toured some of the oldest mosques in the world, visited the remains of King Tut’s tomb in the Cairo Museum, and got up close and personal with the locals at the legendary Khan el-Khalili bazaar. photography: MY SPONTANEOUS TRAVEL DIARY | travel backpack c/o:HUNTING WORLD NYC | travel sandals: NAKED FEET SHOES Itinerary + what to do in Egypt: Nile dinner cruise with belly dancing and Tanoura show Giza Pyramids, City of the Dead and the Great Sphinx via camel ride The Citadel Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun The Coptic Museum with King Tut’s exhibit Khan el-Khalili bazaar I could spend a lifetime describing each place from the sights and smells to the feel of the ancient stones beneath my fingertips. But before I get lost in the …