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so you think you can play with the big cats

In Bandhavgarh India, I had the opportunity to visit the national parks and take (multiple) safaris through the tiger reserve. All creatures there are free to roam, with the exception of a few unconnected fence lines intended to deter the big cats from the local villages. We enjoyed the unforgettable experience of sighting several wild tigers, including a couple of cubs. Aside from the awe of their beauty, large cats are truly fascinating creatures. I learned from one of the locals, a tiger that had passed the fence and wandered into the village. On one such occasion, this tiger returned back to the rainforest and over the 20’ fence… with a full grown bull caught in the grips of his jaw. photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | leopard print dress c/o:MVN | leather biker jacket c/0:ALLSAINTS | combat boots:DR. MARTIN | luxury handbag:YSL   Cats are strong, powerful creatures. The largest of their species have no natural predators. Even house cats are agile and fierce. According to Professor John Huntington, domestic cats’ posture …

allsaints biker portraits

AllSaints biker portraits

AllSaints. Can I get a heck yes from you rebel babes? Yes, I did get to work with this marvelous brand, and here’s the inside scoop on their leather biker collection, NYC influencer event and working with the team. AllSaints Biker Portraits campaign had to be on of the most exciting collaborations ’til date. Being forever a groupie, working with them was an opportunity of a lifetime. The campaign embodied the free spirit and rebel mantra that avid supporters love about the brand. Biker Portraits is about expressing individuality, freedom and all that is fierce in fashion. Freedom is power, and embracing yourself for who you are is one of the greatest powers on earth. There are no limits, only challenges – and rising to meet life full-face is a lifestyle I choose to forever pursue. Biker Portraits is about more than just fashion. It’s about empowering those individuals who are ready to take that stance, and shout it to the world that they are who they are – and proud of it. They call …