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3 Summer loafer outfits for the minimalist

Wondering what to wear with loafers? Timeless and sophisticated, it’s no wonder why loafers have made such a strong reappearance on the fashion scene. If you’ve been scanning for minimalist outfit inspo, or are looking for ideas on what to wear to work, here are 3 fresh ways to style loafers this summer.

Summer loafer outfit for the minimalist - knit set

A casual weekend loafer outfit you can wear literally anywhere

The beauty of this fashion era, freedom reins. Challenge tradition and wear your loafers with a knit set or knit dress for a look that’s effortlessly sophisticated, and elevates your weekend errand style. 

This look is not only minimalist chic, it’s also super comfy, making it a great Saturday morning outfit when you’re not quite sure what the day ahead will bring. Versatile and categorically undefined, you’ll be dressed and ready for anything from a walk through the park to rooftop mimosas.

Summer loafer outfit for the minimalist - poplin cutout dress

Wear a dress with your loafers for brunch and day-to-night occasions

Loafers don’t need to look strictly business professional or masculine. For your next brunch date, pair your loafers with a summer poplin dress for a look that’s feminine and fashion forward. 

This combo is a fun way to play of the summer’s hottest trends by incorporating all you new dress wear in a way that’s casual enough to wear on a weekday. It’s also a great day-to-night style if you’re planning on outings straight from the office. 

Summer loafer outfit for the minimalist - classing suit set

Wear loafers with traditional suiting for a look that never goes out of style

Suiting is still dominating fashion. If you’re a sucker for traditional style, pair your loafers with your closet of suiting for a killer office look that will literally never go out of style.

For daytime pair with light colored suiting for a look that’s tailored and professional, or pair with dark suiting in boxy silhouettes or slinky materials for a look that can also easily transition from day-to-night. 

Looking for loafers with a little bit of edge? Shop Naked Feet’s chic and super comfortable loafers for women featured in the looks above.

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